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⚠️ WARNING: Potential spoilers below.

Version 0.3.0a – 24 December, 2021


Gold Find:
  • Bandit Trait: Increased amount from 5 to 10.
  • Core Attribute: Increased cap from 50 to 60.
  • Item Modifier: Increased max amount from 10 to 15.
  • King's Marrow: Increased amount from 10 to 15.
Lightning Orb & Storm Cloud:
  • Friendly lightning no longer causes friendly grenades to explode.
Storm Cloud:
  • Now casts lightning even if overlapping a block, as long as player has line of sight to an enemy.
  • Fixed an issue where lightning would inherit player's weapon element effects.
  • Fixed an issue where the minimum possible item level was always 1, rather than increasing with the dungeon's progress.
  • Fixed an issue where Luck was not applied when rolling item levels.

Version 0.3.0 – 19 December, 2021

Welcome to Ruleset 0.3

Number adjustments. Elite chests. New shields. Many fixes.

Many of the dungeon's health and damage numbers have been tweaked. Things should feel more fair, and you might even feel overpowered at times! Lady Tallowmere hopes these changes makes your dungeon experience more pleasant. Still, please remember to keep your shield raised to avoid dying.

New dungeons now use Ruleset 0.3.


Ruleset 0.2
  • The previous Version 0.2 leaderboard is now known as Ruleset 0.2. It's been a fun journey over the past year with Version 0.2, potion exploits and all. Thank you for sharing your feedback along the way.
Ruleset 0.3
  • A new leaderboard for Ruleset 0.3 has been added. Lady Tallowmere wishes you good luck with your new high scores and speed runs.

    Tallowmere 2 – Steam leaderboard filters – Rulesets


  • Algorithms for enemies and traps growing stronger have been adjusted. Enemies and traps should feel more reasonable than Version 0.2.
  • Loot rarities and item tiers are now more random as you progress through the dungeon, rather than being guaranteed.
  • Enemy stat calculations no longer expect the player to have a minimum item rarities nor item tiers. As such, any fancy loot you find should keep you above the enemy scale in most circumstances. However, don't let your guard down...


Rarity colours:
  • Treasure chests now have a coloured indicator, signifying the rarity held within.

    Tallowmere 2 – Treasure chest rarity indicators
Elite chests:
  • Elite enemies now guard extra treasure chests most of the time.
  • Elite chests become unlocked when the elite is defeated.
  • Elite chests contain a minimum 3-star rarity.

    Tallowmere 2 – Elite enemy guarding treasure chest


Basic Rewards:
  • A new Basic Reward has been added: Health & Strength
    • Offers a small amount of max health and attack power.
    • This reward type is rolled with the existing "Strength" and "Health" reward types in the first two slots.

      Tallowmere 2 – Health & Strength – Demon Statue reward
Mystery Rewards:
  • The third Mystery Reward slot now has a chance to expose what the reward is, rather than being a mystery.


Added three shields from the original Tallowmere:

  • Darson's Shield
  • Ghoulhide Shield
  • Legacy Shield

    Tallowmere 2 – Shields

Shield health values have been increased.


  • Potions stocked by merchants now have quantities.
  • Potions no longer use the Buyback system; potions sold to the merchant are added to the merchant's Buy tab.
  • Healing values have been adjusted to be more generous.
  • Buff durations have been increased for most special potions.

    Tallowmere 2 – Special Potion


Enemy AI:
  • Enemies now sync their positions less often often during combat. This should make things feel smoother with less abrupt position changes.
Data synchronization:
  • Improved handling of data syncing during room loading.
  • If a data issue is detected during room loading, a new synchronization event will occur automatically, where the game client will redownload the entire dungeon data from the server.
Chat commands:
  • If you feel your dungeon is out-of-sync for some reason, you can now enter a chat command to redownload all dungeon data from the server.
  • The following new chat commands perform the same sync event:
    • /sync
    • /resync


  • Fixed an issue where items sold by a player could not be purchased by other players.
  • Fixed an issue where potions would not respect your chosen sort order.
  • Fixed many issues with potion transactions during Online Co-op.
  • Fixed the issue where selling a potion would let you buyback the potion multiple times.
Weapon Comparison:
  • Fixed an issue when browsing the Buy tab where weapons would show as "New" if merchant's weapon damage equalled player's equipped weapon damage.


  • Added sound effect when looting a potion from a treasure chest.
  • Added sound effect when throwing a key.
  • Reduced volume of waypoint flames and wall torches.
Couch Co-op:
  • Collecting a heart now heals every player.
  • Collecting gold now gives gold to every player.
  • Improved weapon UI positioning.
  • Items sold to the merchant now appear in the Buyback tab for every player.
  • Fixed an issue where Demon Statue arrows could show incorrect colours.
  • Enemies guarding kittens can no longer be hurt by Flails if the kitten's door is closed.
  • When a creature receives damage, the amount of vertical force applied has been reduced.
  • Fixed an issue where enemies would pause for too long after receiving damage. Previously, enemies would pause for 2 seconds; now, enemies pause for 0.265 seconds.
  • Enemies now drop gold on a scaled amount.
  • The Gold Find attribute is now applied to each enemy's slain value, rather than applied to each individual coin or gem collected.
  • Bounciness is now decreased after colliding with a creature.
  • Reduced the amount of vertical force from explosions.

    Tallowmere 2 – Grenades
Local High Scores:
  • Local scores now record which Ruleset the score was using, but this has not yet been categorized. The UI for filtering local scores by Ruleset will be added in a future patch.
Multishot Blessing:
  • Now has a 50% proc chance, down from 100%.
Multishot Item Modifier:
  • Now rolls a chance to proc, rather than being a 100% chance.
  • Spike traps no longer spawn beside waypoints.
Room Modifier – Slow Projectiles:
  • Speed now affects player projectiles.
  • Weapons, shields, and potions now show their Item Level beside their stars.
  • Saved games now show which Ruleset the dungeon is using.
  • Improved the Blessings tab.
  • Fixed a pagination issue with shields in the player's inventory tab.
  • Fixed an issue with the interaction label being too wide sometimes.
  • Zaeries now bounce away after dealing damage to a creature.
  • When receiving deathly damage from a projectile, Zaeries now attempt to be knocked away from the creature that dealt the damage, rather than the projectile's center point.


  • Updated InControl to v1.8.7.
  • Improved performance for InControl Native.
  • Improved support for 8BitDo game controllers.
  • Fixed issues with PlayStation 5 triggers with Bluetooth and InControl Native.
  • Fixed issues with PlayStation 5 D-Pad mappings with Bluetooth and InControl Native.
  • Fixed a disconnection crash.


  • Added fixes to help ensure creatures do not die prematurely during room loading.
  • Fixed an issue where keyboard number shortcuts would let you swap weapons while your shield was raised.
  • Fixed an issue where far-away souls could start flying to a player during room loading.
  • Fixed a bug where receiving a reward that increased max health did not heal the player immediately.
  • Fixed various errors with the Elemental Staff, Flail, and Scythe.
  • Added a potential fix for handling null healthbar render textures.

Version 0.2.11 – 19 November, 2021


  • Fixed a bug where closed doors did not sync on game clients, wherein players could accidentally enter rooms that had been emptied.
  • When loading an online saved game, if players were stuck in an emptied room, players will be returned to the home room. The home room's waypoint should let you get back to the room you previously warped from.

Version 0.2.10a – 7 November, 2021

This patch is compatible with 0.2.10 game servers.


  • Enemies: Fixed an issue where Zaeries sometimes wouldn't die.
  • Audio: Improved FMOD error detection.

Version 0.2.10 – 2 November, 2021


Health-per-tick calculations have been adjusted; regen amounts are now based on a creature's regular max health value.

The following factors no longer amplify health regen amounts:

  • Tanky Monsters room modifier
  • Elite health multiplier
  • Total number of players

In short, rooms with the Healthy Monsters modifier should feel more reasonable now.


Online Co-op
  • Deployed a new server in Mexico City, Mexico.
  • Fixed an error after a party had died in a corridor, where clients would ask the server to generate and load a new room rather than resetting to the home room.
  • Party deaths and room-generation messages are now more robust.
  • Structural changes have been made for upcoming Rulesets. Internally, v0.2 has been converted to a Ruleset with over 200 gameplay properties tweakable. Testing for v0.3 is underway.
Demon Statues
  • Fixed an issue where pending unique Mystery Rewards could be rolled more than once.
  • Canisters no longer drop. Canisters will drop again later when implemented fully.
  • Improved healthbar positions.
  • Fixed an issue where the "Souls Collected" value was incorrect.
Kangaroo Broth
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect flavour text.
Simplified Chinese
  • Updated publisher logo on intro sequence.
  • Updated game logo on pause menu.
Speedy Kitten
  • Fixed an issue where the kitten would not waddle.


The past 40 days has been a weird blur of mobile work, Nintendo Switch work, and editing many calculations and properties for converting the game into Rulesets. I'm saving the infamous Liquid Gold potion issue for version 0.3.

It's been 10 weeks of pandemic lockdown here in Auckland, New Zealand. Some days I take my laptop and code in my car in different places, just to get out of the house. I'm fully vaccinated, so not super fearful, but try to minimise going into grocery stores. Other days, just coding at home... Hoping to visit a cafe or library again in the coming weeks.

Fatigue and brain fog still dominate me with this psoriatic arthritis. I am most productive in the mornings after a night's sleep, but the afternoons usually require naps. If I do nap (usually 30 minutes), my immune system attacks my nerves, rendering me into a lethargic vegetable for about 6 hours afterwards, which isn't helpful. And by the time my nerves fix themselves, it's pretty much time for bed.

Or if I don't nap, I remain so tired that I'm not productive either. And not just for work; even the ability to relax and enjoy something is a mushed experience. Brain fog is like feeling spaced out, involuntarily drunk... can't think straight, can't concentrate, can't line up code nor thoughts properly. So I am forced to wait for the next day to resume doing anything significant. Many hours each day are lost to this 1% chance autoimmune disease.

My nervous system is getting weaker... Walking is slow, and using upper body strength saps my energy very quickly. Hands and fingers go numb and tingly a lot. I am having to pick and choose my battles when it comes to household chores.

Still, progress on the game continues a few hours every morning. Thank you for playing.

– Chris

Version 0.2.9 – 23 September, 2021

Amidst the work done below, a refactor is in progress to prepare for Rulesets, which will allow the game to be tweaked for version 0.3, and pave the way for different game modes and upcoming mod support.

For now, this patch resolves many issues regarding online gameplay, physics issues, input issues, and other oddities. Development towards version 0.3 continues.

Thank you for all the bug reports and suggestions as well – your feedback helps to resolve issues and keeps the journey going.

– Chris


Russian (Русский):
  • Translated by acexthree and Tycho Davydov.


  • Fixed many issues where creatures colliding with walls would have their movement be interrupted and snagged. This was very apparent when jumping (or falling) and moving against a wall in anticipation for traversing around a corner.
  • The game's internal "world object position fixer" was being too heavy-handed, and is now toned down.
  • Jumping and moving against walls should now feel buttery smooth.

  • Fixed a regression where some frames would prevent your character from jumping; you'd just spin in place.
  • This was an issue with the "world object position fixer" being too harsh.
  • Jumping is now reliable again.
  • Fixed an issue where pending movement directions remained queued after flinching or becoming stunned.
  • This sometimes resulted in your character about-facing after becoming unstunned, which was disastrous if you wanted to raise your shield ASAP but then turned the wrong way.
  • Now, pending movement directions are cleared from the queue when you flinch or become stunned.
  • If you have full health and want to consume a potion that grants an additional buff or effect, you can now consume the potion from your Inventory menu without having to damage yourself first.
Creature Center Points:
  • Fixed an issue where creature center point calculations were not actually centered.
  • Previously, center points used the creature's sprite container, which is slightly offset from their physics collider, and was prone to different position calculations if the creature was facing west or east.
  • Now, center point calculations use the creature's physics collider bounds, and is consistent no matter which direction the creature is facing.
  • Such calculations are minor but important, and mainly affect Flail hit detection (with shield raised), Stun Bomb hit detection (with shield raised), pinwheel trap hit detection (with shield raised), Katana teleportation, aiming with ranged weapons, and movement checks against walls.
  • The Buyback system now has a limit of 25 items. Excess items are destroyed when entering a new room or saving the game.
Damage Procs:
  • Fixed an issue where damage received from non-creature sources (such as traps and poison ticks) would not trigger OnReceivedDamage procs.
Fire Wall Traps:
  • Fixed an issue where projectiles from this trap counted as Physical damage instead of Fire damage.


The Dungeon Actually Grows Stronger Now:
  • Fixed an issue where the server did not send enemy and trap level-up data (eg higher health and damage numbers) to the client during the "Dungeon grows stronger" intermission.
  • Previously, disconnecting and reconnecting was the only way to receive the stronger enemy and trap data.
  • As such, online gameplay will feel more challenging after each intermission, but this now matches Couch Co-op gameplay numbers as intended.
  • Fixed many issues where health would not sync on the client correctly, especially after reconnecting to a game or equipping different shields.
  • Health syncing and damage calculations are now more robust.
  • Fixed many potion transaction issues. Previously, the server could consume an incorrect potion, or not consume a potion at all.
  • Drinking potions should now work reliably in all cases.
  • Fixed an issue where OnReceivedDamage and OnDealtDamage procs would not trigger across all clients.
  • Fixed an issue where, if the "Hold to Attack" option was enabled, throwing a key could cause your weapon to start attacking immediately.
  • Fixed an issue where the "Dungeon grows stronger" intermission would display when re-entering a room.
  • Improved handling of long chat messages.


Fixed an issue where unneeded data was being retained in saved game files for old rooms that had been closed off and vacuumed, but not vacuumed enough. Old data for traps, pedestals, enemies that were not slain, enemy weapons, treasure chests, and items in treasure chests, were not being pruned.

Unneeded data is now vacuumed better, resulting in smaller saved game file sizes and faster loading times.

This issue became apparent when a bug report came in from a player that had reached Room 900+ with over 20 hours of gameplay – their saved game had run out of internal ID numbers to allocate to new entities.

This version now fixes such saved game files. Vacuuming and pruning will be applied upon load.

For example, said saved game file had all ~65,000 internal ushort ID numbers allocated, and the file size was 2.8 MB. Now, after proper vacuuming of old rooms and cleaning up unneeded data, only ~3,000 internal ID numbers are used, and the file size is reduced to 450 KB.


  • Fixed an issue where blood particles would still appear on the UI if the Blood option was disabled.
  • Fixed an issue where off-screen player indicators would not show the correct character portrait if a player changed their character with the Magic Mirror.
  • Off-screen player indicators now hide as soon as a player’s name label becomes slightly visible, rather than waiting for the entire creature to become visible.
  • Off-screen player indicators now hide during cutscenes.
  • Fixed an issue where the mouse cursor would snap to the center of the screen on menus if the "Hide Cursor Automatically" option was enabled and any key was pressed.
  • Improved handling of mouse cursor visibility when switching between keyboard and game controllers.
  • Socket errors are now suppressed as warnings.
  • Fixed text wrapping issues.
  • Fixed an incorrect warning message if you tried to use Quick Heal without having any potions available.
Speech Bubbles:
  • Long sentences now wrap lines.
  • Fixed a POST error that could occur when a server sent data to the master server tracker.
Treasure Chests:
  • Improved white space padding, text wrapping, and general readability for item pop-up UIs, especially for potions and shields.

    Health potion UI

Version 0.2.8a – 27 August, 2021

This client update is compatible with 0.2.8 servers.


⚠️ Due to a restructure of how the game manages its options, all options and settings have been reset.

The following files have been deprecated, and are no longer used:

  • LocalSettings.ini
  • Options.t2

New files are now generated and used instead:

  • Options.Local.ini
  • Options.Synced.ini
  • Options.Player1.ini
  • Options.Player2.ini
  • Options.Player3.ini
  • Options.Player4.ini

Saved games, achievement progression, and command-line arguments remain intact.

Benefits from this refactor:
  • All options are now readable and editable in plaintext, rather than obscured in binary format.
  • Ensures only gameplay-related options are synced to the cloud; other options are stored locally.
  • Paves the way for the upcoming Keyboard Co-op mode.
  • Should be helpful with the upcoming Steam Input integration.


  • Apple Metal is now the default graphics API, rather than OpenGL.
  • Fixed an issue where the game would not start on Macs with the M1 Apple Silicon chip.
  • Fixed an issue during Couch Co-op when trying to manage a keyboard player's Weapon Shortcuts.
Online Co-op:
  • Fixed a disconnection error if a remote player interacted with a door or treasure chest while the local player was still loading.
  • Fixed an error that could occur after retrieving a saved game from a server.
  • Improved disconnection logging.
  • If Steam Cloud times out at startup, a prompt to quit the game and restart Steam is now displayed, rather than stalling.
  • Fixed an audio/frame stutter issue when unhooking from Steam when exiting the game.
Weapon Selector:
  • Fixed an index error with the Grid layout.
  • Improved handling if the Discord Rich Presence module failed to initialize.

Version 0.2.8 – 12 August, 2021


Upgraded LiteNetLib from (June 2018) to (May 2021).

This is a significant upgrade; LiteNetLib handles Tallowmere 2's save files and netcode.

Saved games from previous versions remain compatible.

Online Co-op improvements:
  • Improved processing speeds for both server and client.
  • Improved default MTU size.
  • Memory improvements.
  • Added more detailed disconnect messages.
  • Issues of timing out shortly after connecting to a server should now be fixed.


  • Fixed an issue where the game's internal WorldObjectPositionFixer did not factor in Tilted room angles.
  • Players, enemies, and small items should no longer get stuck out of bounds in Tilted rooms.


  • Servers now factor in Tilted room angles when saving game data.
  • When establishing a connection to a server, if the connection gets stuck after a few seconds, a Cancel button now appears.
  • Fixed an issue where UIs for the Demon Statue, Magic Mirror, and Weapon Rack would not clear if the player disconnected abruptly.
  • Fixed an error where treasure chests would attempt to receive data during room transitions.


  • Title Screen: Fixed an issue where ambient tracks could be played at maximum volume before volume settings were loaded.
  • Music: Fixed a rare error where a track could be missing.
  • Audio system: FMOD errors are now treated as warnings. If an FMOD issue occurs, a message is now displayed in the Audio tab for the session.


  • Added an Account tab.

    Tallowmere 2 – Account tab
  • Renamed the Notes section to About.
  • Scrolling certain menus using Left Stick or D-Pad is now possible.
  • Fixed an issue where UI buttons could retain their hovered glow state when not being hovered.
  • Fixed an issue where weapon and shield icons would sometimes persist when viewing other menu categories.


  • Items: Fixed a world issue where cosmetic glows would be positioned incorrectly on Axes, Elemental Staffs, Lightning Orbs, and Keys.
  • Blessings tab: Fixed an issue where contents were not scrollable.
  • Loadout tab: Fixed an issue where the panel would sometimes persist when switching tabs.
  • Poison: Fixed an issue where debuff labels, screen effects, and healthbar effects would persist between game loads.
  • Couch Co-op: Fixed an error with the Demon Statue UI if player name was too long.
  • Online Co-op: Fixed an issue where poison effects for the local player would incorrectly appear on networked player HUDs.


  • Updated InControl from 1.8.4 to 1.8.5.
  • Fixed an issue where Start and Select buttons would not work after reconnecting a controller.
  • Fixed an issue with PlayStation 5 controllers with Windows + Bluetooth + InControl Native.
  • Improved support for Linux.


  • Updated Unity from 2019.4.12f1 to 2020.3.9f1.
  • Updated Post Processing package from 2.3.0 to 3.1.1.
  • Suppressed various <RI.Hid> errors as warnings – Unity sometimes has issues interpreting peripheral devices.
  • Updated Steamworks to 1.51.


"Arrrrr," said the kitten.
Many preparations have been made for:
  • the upcoming Kitten Collect-a-thon mode, and
  • Cross-platform play with the upcoming mobile and console versions.

Version 0.2.7 – 5 June, 2021

Welcome to the Inventory Management Update

This patch allows you to:
  • Mark items as junk
  • Sell all items marked as junk
  • Sort your inventory
  • Customise your Weapon Selector (added Radial and Grid layouts)
  • Customise keyboard weapon shortcuts


When browsing your inventory, you can now mark items as junk:
  • Keyboard shortcut: M
  • Controller: X Button
When interacting with the merchant, you can now sell all items marked as junk:
  • Keyboard shortcut: R
  • Controller: Y Button
Tallowmere 2 – Sell All Junk

When refreshing a category, items marked as junk will appear after non-junk items.


Filters have been added to the following tabs:
  • Inventory > Weapons, Shields, Potions
  • Merchant > Buy, Sell, Buyback
Filters allow you to sort your items by:
  • Attack Power / Health / Strength
  • Item Type / Weapon Type
  • Element
  • Gold Value
  • Modifier Count
  • Quantity

When refreshing a category, items marked as junk will appear after non-junk items.


A new Loadout tab has been added to your Inventory, letting you adjust the layout of your Weapon Selector.

Tallowmere 2 – Inventory Loadout tab

Three layouts are now available to manage slots for your weapons:

1. Dynamic (default)
  • Automatically creates and populates slots (up to 24 weapons).
  • Contains a filter to choose how weapons should be sorted.
  • Weapons marked as junk are omitted.
Tallowmere 2 – Weapon Selector – Dynamic

2. Radial
  • Contains 8 slots, much like a weapon wheel.
  • Weapons can be added to slots automatically, or chosen manually.
Tallowmere 2 – Weapon Selector – Radial

3. Grid
  • Customisable rectangle. Supports 1-3 rows and 3-8 columns.
  • Weapons can be added to slots automatically, or chosen manually.
Tallowmere 2 – Weapon Selector – Grid

For the Radial and Grid layouts, a related option has been added:
  • Options > Advanced > Auto-add Weapons
  • If enabled (default), weapons will be added to your Weapon Selector's Radial and Grid slots automatically.
  • If disabled, weapons will need to be added manually from your Inventory Loadout tab.
To access your Weapon Selector when in a dungeon, default bindings are:
  • Keyboard: Left Shift
  • Controller: B Button


You can now customise weapon shortcuts with number keys (1–9).

Shortcuts can be managed automatically based on your Weapon Selector loadout, or you can manually assign shortcuts.

When browsing your inventory, any weapons linked to a keyboard shortcut will have its number appear.

Added option:
  • Options > Input > Weapon Shortcuts
1. Automatic (default)

Lets you press number keys 1–9 to select weapons based on your Weapon Selector loadout slots.

Automatic does not allow for manual assigning.

2. Manual

Lets you assign weapons to number keys 1–9 as desired, regardless of slot order.

To assign a shortcut:

  • Equip a weapon.
  • Hold Alt or Ctrl, then press a number.
  • A notification will confirm the shortcut has been assigned.
  • Note that this only works if no menus are showing.

To load a shortcut:

  • Press the assigned number key by itself.
  • Note that this only works if no menus are showing.
3. Off

Prevents number keys from accessing weapons.


  • Added a debugger to assist with detecting controller IDs and buttons. Available under Options > Advanced > Controller Debugger.
  • Improved logging.
  • Fixed incorrect "time elapsed" header text.
  • Fixed issue where player creatures would always be positioned on the room's entry point.
  • Improved rendering performance.
  • Fixed radio-button items not being selected upon first load.
  • Fixed potential issues with option categories not populating their items.
  • Speech bubbles now only show once per room load. Leaving the home room resets this check.
Quick Restart
  • Fixed issue where player creature positions would not be stored correctly during savefile creation.
Weapon Selector
  • You can now click slots with your mouse.
  • Fixed index errors with slot navigation.

Version 0.2.6a – 26 March, 2021


  • Translation fixes.

Version 0.2.6 – 24 March, 2021


Hold to Attack:
  • Allows weapons to be used repeatedly by holding down the Attack action.
  • Available under Options > Advanced.

    Tallowmere 2 – Arcane Balls being used with the new Hold to Attack option.


  • Fixed an issue where client room numbers could become out of sync. Room transitions are now more robust.
  • Added messages if the server is waiting for players to load before allowing a room transition to occur.
  • Improved reconnection messages if a game does not appearing to be running. Now provides suggestions to load the game, or to refresh the list of games.
  • Fixed an error when attempting to load a saved game from a server.
  • Fixed a server error if a client disconnected when a game was being restarted.
  • Addressed issues with clients receiving incorrect potion messages.


  • Reduced intensity of stun particles on player HUDs.
  • Fixed an issue where particle density options would not be applied to player HUD particles.
  • Fixed an issue where poison particles were not appearing on player HUDs.
  • Fixed an issue where poison particles would persistently appear after changing screen resolution or UI scale.


  • Windows & macOS: Added support for PlayStation 5 controllers with InControl Native.
  • macOS: Fixed issues with Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers.
  • Fixed a controller-related error when quitting the game.


  • Critical error messages are now hidden by default.
  • Added option to display error messages. Available under Options > Advanced.


  • Simplified Chinese: Updated many strings regarding health, potions, and room modifiers.
  • InControl: Updated to 1.8.4.
  • Menus: Fixed top-right Refresh and Delete buttons not working with game controllers.
  • Fixed an error when sending session statistics.
  • Addressed a rare internal error when creating dungeon entities.

Version 0.2.5 – 16 March, 2021


Improved writing saved games:
  • Write times for large dungeons now takes ~1 second, rather than several seconds.
  • Reduced file size for large dungeons by ~50%.
  • Greatly reduced RAM usage when saving.
For file size and memory performance, old rooms are now "vacuumed" when the game is saved:
  • After reaching Room 12 or higher, rooms from ten rooms prior now become closed off.
  • Old rooms, excluding the home room, have most of their data stripped.
  • The western door from ten rooms prior becomes closed and permanently locked, since the preceding room is no longer usable.
  • The home room is left intact, though its eastern door becomes permanently locked once Room 1 is vacuumed.

  • Enabled online co-op for versions.
  • Online games are cross-compatible with both Steam and clients.
  • A special login key is required to play online.
  • For details on how to obtain your login key, please visit:
Loading saved games:
  • Fixed an issue of not being able to rejoin a loaded game. Account-matching is now improved between server and client, rather than relying on info stored in client's LocalSettings.ini file.
  • Fixed an issue where loading a saved game would not have its internal ID be reassigned on the server.
  • Fixed issue where poison ticks would not hurt enemies. Poison ticks now hurt enemies as expected.
Other fixes:
  • Fixed a timing issue where kitten-rescuing cutscenes could start if kitten had been slain.
  • Fixed an item network error during room transitions.
  • Fixed connection issues with long player names.
  • Addressed errors that could happen when returning to the home room at the end of a run.
  • Addressed errors that could happen if players disconnected during the home room cutscene.
  • Improved server debug logging.
  • Improved server directory integrity checks.


Input prompts:
  • Improved text contrast and visibility.
  • Added clipboard paste support – Ctrl+V on Windows and Linux; Cmd+V on macOS.
Simplified Chinese:
  • Fixed incorrect string for Modifier_ExtraCritDamage.
  • Rarity 4: Renamed Legendario to Épico.
  • Renamed Catbeast to Bestia Felina.
  • Renamed Bumerang to Bumeran.
Other fixes:
  • Fixed an error with low-health text during game over sequence.
  • Fixed an error when trying to click debug log file shortcut.

Version 0.2.4 – 1 March, 2021


  • Added Spanish / Español – translated by Martín Martos.


Online game-saving has been added:

  • Parties can now exit an online game and resume it later.
  • Online games are saved on the selected server when a party enters Room 1.
  • Games are saved to the server's disk when the party reaches a new room.
  • Games are linked to players' Steam accounts.
  • Games are retained for 90 days.
  • Games are deleted from the server's disk when the party dies.
To resume an online game from a previous session:
  • One player should load the game by going "Online Co-op", "Load game", select the server that was previously used, then select the game.
  • Once loaded, the game will appear in the "Join game" category for the other player(s).


  • Tabs are now separated into Single-player, Couch Co-op, and Online Co-op.
  • Servers are now listed in a category instead of a context menu.
  • Servers are now sorted by ping.
  • The best-ping server is now selected by default.


As part of an ongoing investigation into rare Unity engine errors:
  • Unity's "Use incremental garbage collection" option has been disabled for now.
  • Many checks around Unity's MonoBehaviour classes have been added.

Prior to 0.2.4, incremental garbage collection was enabled. It keeps performance smooth, but I suspect it was accidentally removing non-garbage pointers in memory, causing errors regarding lists, arrays, and null references. This patch will help see if incremental garbage collection was the underlying issue.

Frame rate performance should still be adequate, but if not, please submit in-game feedback, post on the forums, or email me.


Couch Co-op:
  • Fixed error during game-over screen if a controller had disconnected.
File System:
  • Improved handling of disk errors when writing LocalSettings.ini.
  • Fixed a pause menu issue.
  • Fixed certain buttons not updating when player changed input type between keyboard and controller.
  • Fixed date and time formatting issues.
Online Co-op:
  • Improved messages regarding timeout issues.
  • Fixed player name text-wrapping issues on treasure chest items.
  • Fixed errors with rewards and shields.
  • Added option: Advanced> Delete Local Settings.
Quick Restart:
  • Fixed player spawn point position being incorrect.
Steam Leaderboards:
  • Fixed issue where only one entry would be submitted per session. Multiple entries are now submitted per session, rather than being stuck in a queue.
  • Fixed a rare error after an entry finished submitting.
  • Addressed rare errors with the weapon selector and item pop-ups.

Version 0.2.3 – 22 January, 2021

This patch adds a couple language-related features, but is mainly focused on bug fixes.

There are still many features to be added. The list is large. Thank you for all the bug reports and requests. Working through things one at a time. Lots to do still.


  • Added Korean – translated by THE BALANCE.

    Tallowmere 2 – Korean
  • Deployed an online co-op server in South Korea.


  • Added IME (Input Method Editor) support. You should now be able to type in Simplified Chinese, Korean, and Japanese.

    Tallowmere 2 – IME support
  • If Windows’ IME is enabled, a globe icon will appear beside the input field in-game.
  • This works for online chatting, editing text in the menus, and using the in-game feedback form.
macOS & Linux:
  • Unfortunately, the current Unity engine has issues with IME support on macOS and Linux. I have submitted a bug report to Unity; let’s hope IME support is improved in a future Unity version.


  • Entering a corridor or waypoint now causes players to drop any key they are holding. This should resolve issues of not knowing where keys are taken.

    Tallowmere 2 – Keys amp; Waypoints
  • Keys are no longer affected by Magnetism for 0.6 seconds after being thrown. This allows keys to move away from the player.


  • Corridors affected by the Tilted room modifier now have extra force to ensure keys and treasure are obtainable.

    Tallowmere 2 – Tilted


  • Servers no longer process regular damage messages if a cutscene is playing.
  • Fixed rooms failing to load if one client happened to disconnect mid-load. Clients now reveal the room ~4 seconds later regardless if other clients are ready.
  • Fixed issue where player positions could be set incorrectly upon room load.
  • Fixed issue where a client could not perform certain actions after reconnecting.
  • Fixed error where kittens could receive fatal damage at the same time a cutscene could start.
  • Fixed various errors regarding doors, holding and throwing keys, treasure chest interactions, pedestal interactions, and damage constructors.
  • Improved handling of Demon Statue messages.
  • Improved server debug logging.


  • Fixed long right-panel titles overlapping text underneath. Text content is now wrapped and pushed appropriately.
  • Navigating menu items with keyboard keys no longer scrolls right-panel content.
  • Improved handling if maximum saved game limit is reached.



  • Scythe & Temperament: Projectile spawn point has been corrected.
  • Addressed issue with low-health warnings causing errors in rare cases.
  • Fixed core attributes sometimes failing to recalculate, and improved the recalculation process.
  • Fixed co-op revival triggers sometimes being activatable in single-player games.
  • Fixed buff and debuff labels not updating when changing language.
  • Fixed waypoint sounds emitting multiple times in the same frame in co-op.
  • Fixed issue where command-line launch arguments would be written to LocalSettings.ini.
  • Fixed error with creatures being slayed at the same time the game is paused.
  • Fixed error with weapon modifier UIs sometimes failing to update.
  • Fixed audio not fading out when exiting the game.
  • Fixed various errors regarding projectile collisions, weapon visibility, shield positioning, creature states, elemental spinner traps, game states, ranged weapons, and alterant calculations.
  • Improved null-reference checking against MonoBehaviours in many places.


  • Updated Unity to 2019.4.12f1.

Version 0.2.2a – 1 January, 2021

Happy new year! This patch addresses several issues to keep the dungeons running smoothly.


  • Progress for unlocking Toxic Grenades and Lightning Grenades should be working now.


  • Fixed gold icon position issue on Merchant menus.
  • Fixed capitalisation issues on menu titles.


  • Fixed error if a kitten died while player tried to interact with the kitten in the same frame.
  • Fixed bug where explosions were always treated as Fire damage.
  • Fixed error when viewing the "Options > Input" tab after finishing a Couch Co-op game.
Online Co-op
  • Fixed the Host tab sometimes being blank after joining a game, causing errors.
  • Re-enabled Unity's "Physics 2D > Use Multithreading" option – recent bug reports show disabling this did not improve anything.
  • Fixed waypoints in Tilted rooms sometimes not working.
  • Various improvements.
  • Fixed various errors with Boomerangs, Magic Mirror, creature deaths, info overlays, item comparisons, and projectile spawning.

Tallowmere 2
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