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⚠️ WARNING: Potential spoilers below.

Version 0.2.2 – 24 December, 2020

Season's Greetings

  • It's snowing...?!
    A kitten Christmas.


  • Added new option: Auto-equip Loot. Enabled by default. Toggleable under Options > Advanced.


  • Fixed revive triggers sometimes remaining interactable after reviving a player.
  • Fixed revival UI sometimes appearing rotated incorrectly.

Couch Co-op

  • Fixed issue where mousewheel scrolling would change weapons for all players.
  • Fixed UI errors when assigning controllers with French set as the language.

Online Co-op

  • Health is now synced more robustly, which should resolve fallen-state revival issues.
  • Room-transition syncing is now more robust, which should resolve corridor, waypoint, and player-position issues.
  • To assist with debugging, games are now assigned a five-character ID code, and servers now create separate logs for each game.
  • Game info now shows server name, and is more legible on the pause menu.
  • Improved handling of merchant and treasure chest transactions.
  • Improved handling of unknown network messages.
  • Fixed HUD-related errors.
  • Fixed certain network actions not working correctly after reviving a player.
  • Fixed server name being displayed in place of game name in some cases.


  • Waypoint ledges are now smoother.
  • Greatly improved the position-solver. Creatures, keys, and gold should no longer get stuck outside the bounds of the room, nor stuck between blocks.
  • To assist with investigating transactional errors, Unity's "Physics 2D> Use Multithreading" setting has been disabled for this version.


  • Fixed HUD sometimes not appearing after cutscenes and room transitions.
  • Fixed interactable tooltip widths sometimes not updating.
  • Version info is now visible during transitions, rather than fading out temporarily.


  • Improved detection of PlayStation 4 and Xbox 360 controllers.

Other Fixes

  • Fixed player creature attack states and movement states persisting incorrectly after being revived.
  • Fixed various errors with Boomerangs, Flails, Scythes, Elemental Staffs, kitten throats, and the Stone of Diashan.

Version 0.2.1b – 15 December, 2020


Startup Fix:
  • Fixed an issue where a repeating warning message regarding pending score submissions could trigger a catastrophic Meowzers error.

Version 0.2.1a – 15 December, 2020


Online Co-op:
  • When playing Online Co-op, Steam leaderboard scores are now submitted when entering a room for the first time, rather than upon death.
Submission Improvements:
  • Leaderboard submissions are now cached to disk and queued, and only removed from the cache upon successful submission.
  • If a score is unable to be uploaded due to network issues, the pending score will attempt to be uploaded again periodically.
  • If a score submission is pending, you can safely exit Tallowmere 2 – the score will attempt to be uploaded next time the game starts.


Health Bars:
  • Fixed large numbers not being formatted properly.
  • Various translation improvements.
File System:
  • IO exceptions are now handled more gracefully.

Version 0.2.1 – 10 December, 2020


Game Persistence:
  • Dungeons in progress (eg party has entered Room 1 or higher) now persist for 10 minutes if all clients happen to disconnect, rather than being destroyed instantly. This allows players to rejoin the game.
Captains & AI:
  • If a captain disconnects mid-run, a new captain is now chosen, and creature AI should start working again.
Room Transitions:
  • Room-transition flow is now more robust (eg when entering a corridor or using a waypoint), which should fix the issue of players sometimes loading into a wrong room.
  • Fixed menus not sliding down when a room transition occurs.
Reconnection Improvements:
  • Fixed issues where players were unable to rejoin the game they were in.
  • If you happen to disconnect, finding your previous game on the Join tab should now have its green button say "Rejoin" rather than being disabled.
  • Fixed being unable to rejoin a game if a password was entered incorrectly on the first attempt.
  • Fixed issues where players were unable to interact with parts of the game after reconnecting (eg couldn't chat, couldn't open doors, couldn't hold keys, etc).
Magic Mirror:
  • Fixed an error when using the Magic Mirror while holding a key.

Version 0.2.0 – 4 December, 2020


Welcome to Tallowmere 2 Early Access.

This is a significant milestone for Lady Tallowmere and her dungeons.

May your runs be bountiful and (hopefully) bug-free.



  • Finnish (Suomi) – translated by Tomi Turkki.
  • French (Français) – translated by Christophe Braguy.
  • Various UI improvements for formatting and sizes with different languages.


  • As this version is deemed a significant milestone, a new tier of leaderboards for v0.2.x has been created on the Steam Leaderboards.


Server Statistics:
  • For Online Co-op games, game servers now record anonymous statistics, such as player counts, number of games created, and highest room numbers reached.
Offline Statistics:
  • For Single-player and Couch Co-op games, your game client may send anonymous statistics to the developer if Share Statistics is enabled to help improve the game.
  • Share Statistics is enabled by default, but can be toggled via Options > Advanced.

Statistics will be visible on soon.

For details, please view Tallowmere 2's Privacy Policy.

Version 0.1.8a – 19 November, 2020


Added German / Deutsch:
  • Translated by:
    • Bysttro
    • Icy
    • sePL80
    • Spiffosi


Dev Bar:
  • Fixed errors when searching for commands.
High Scores:
  • Fixed an error where text would not be rendered.

Version 0.1.8 – 7 November, 2020


Added language:

Fixes & Improvements

  • InControl Legacy is now the default controller input module on Windows. Previously, was InControl Native.
  • Updated Unity to 2019.4.9f1.
  • Load Tab is no longer selected after death if no savefiles exist.
  • Fixed controller categories not having appropriate back-navigation flow during Couch Co-op.
  • Updated target frame rate options (changed 140 to 144).
  • Fixed certain text on the Language tab not updating when changing language.
  • Fixed errors when changing input options during Couch Co-op.
  • Fixed gold text spacing issues with Simplified Chinese.
Online Co-op:
  • Various client-server communication enhancements.
  • Fixed a Multishot error.
  • Fixed a death-related error.
  • Fixed animations not updating during room transitions.
  • Fixed animations not updating smoothly if frame rate was higher than 100 FPS.
Screen Shake:
  • Fixed certain camera events not respecting chosen options.
  • Low health beeps no longer occur during intermissions.
  • Command-line arguments are now logged.
  • Improved error handling when testing translations.
  • Improved performance.
  • Improved error handling if unable to render a user's avatar.

Version 0.1.7b – 6 October, 2020


  • Keys: Finally fixed the issue where keys would sometimes not seem to spawn.

Underlying issue was a child component was tagged incorrectly. On the chance a key would spawn on the same frame as a physics update, and if the player was close enough, the game would consume the key like it was picking up a coin or heart.

Thanks for the reports that were submitted to help resolve this issue.

Version 0.1.7a – 4 October, 2020


  • Grenades: Fixed an error when throwing a grenade.
  • Lightning Orb: Fixed an error when casting.
  • Load Tab: Fixed savefiles appearing outdated after saving a game.
  • Menu Filters: Fixed caching issues.
  • Text: Fixed various overlapping issues with the Menus and Weapon Rack.


  • InControl Native:
    • Fixed crash for controllers declaring a large number of buttons.
  • macOS:
    • Added Apple Silicon support.
    • Added support for SteelSeries Nimbus Plus.
    • Fixed MFi controller pause button not working.
    • Fixed non-MFi controllers not detecting attach/detach events.


  • Android & iOS:
    • Lots of cloud save, achievement, and leaderboard work.
  • Android:
    • Fixed touch input not working if an Android Screen Overlay was present.
    • Updated target API to API level 29 (Android 10).

Version 0.1.7 – 23 August, 2020

Online Co-op

  • Fixed an occasional error when trying to create a new game.


  • Further fixes to address rare issue of keys not spawning when killing an enemy in single-player and couch co-op.
  • If a key has not spawned in a room, please submit a Bug Report via the in-game Feedback button.

Version 0.1.6a – 15 August, 2020


  • Single-player & Couch Co-op: Fixed an error when using shields with the Weapon Selector active.

Version 0.1.6 – 15 August, 2020


  • Camera: Fixed camera moving weirdly upon death.
  • File System: Fixed errors when trying to delete saved games.
  • UI: Player name labels are now hidden when final player has died.


  • Attributes: Fixed offerings and curses not being reset when restarting a dungeon.
  • Connection Handshaking: Fixed an error.
  • Debuffs:
    • Improved syncing.
    • Fixed an error when trying to apply a debuff to a dead creature.
  • Demon Statues: Fixed bonus rewards not being granted.
  • Keys:
    • Fixed home room key being removed if held by a player that disconnects.
    • Fixed sync issues with keys being thrown and picked-up too quickly.
  • Menus: Join button now says Rejoin when appropriate.
  • Merchant:
    • Improved handling of transactions, timeouts, and errors.
    • Fixed menu item selection resetting after every transaction.
  • Room Transitions:
    • Fixed creature position issues when loading existing rooms, especially when disconnecting and rejoining.
    • Fixed key-related errors when loading existing rooms.
  • Shields: Fixed sync issues regarding shield-raising and weapon-swapping.
  • Tallowmere's Keep:
    • Fixed kitten shelves not syncing properly.
    • Addressed an issue when opening the home room door.
  • Zaeries: Improved AI syncing.


  • AI:
    • Fixed enemies targeting fallen players.
    • Fixed enemies targeting kittens.
  • Co-op:
    • Fixed Demon Statue mystery rewards being rolled the same for all players.
    • Fixed players being able to collide with each other after using a waypoint.
  • Cutscenes: Fixed the Skip button being spammable.
  • Feedback Form: Increased character limit from 300 to 400.
  • Menus:
    • Fixed an error when changing tabs with controllers.
    • Fixed being able to execute actions while the menu is sliding in.
    • Fixed soft lock when dying with inventory open.
    • Fixed tab-switching via keyboard numbers always triggering menu repaints.
  • Merchant: Fixed a potion-buying error if player's potion quantity was zero.
  • Room Generator: Fixed an error.
  • Weapons: Fixed errors with Bows, Scythes, and Stun Bombs.
  • macOS:
    • Improved PlayStation 4 controller support.
    • Improved Xbox One S controller support – though LT, RT, and D-Pad still have issues.

Version 0.1.5a – 20 July, 2020


  • Fixed an error when returning to title screen.

Version 0.1.5 – 20 July, 2020


  • Couch Co-op: Fixed a Quick Restart error.
  • Modifiers: Fixed a "Poison Damage" modifier incorrectly saying "Lightning Damage".
  • Physics: Fixed creatures, keys, and treasure clinging to spikes and walls.
  • Poison: Fixed players dying from poison ticks.
  • Internal: Enemies slain by projectiles in Unity's FixedUpdate time step are now processed in the next available Update step. This should hopefully fix many null errors, and fix keys not always spawning.


  • Alterants: Fixed an error where creature alterants could be recalculated mid-frame; alterants are now only recalculated at the end of each frame if needed.
  • Boomerangs: Fixed an error.
  • Creatures: Fixed a slaying error.
  • Decals & Giblets: Addressed fading errors.
  • Elemental Spinner Traps: Fixed an error.
  • Input Actions: Fixed an error.
  • Input Devices: Improved debug logging.
  • Input Prompts: Fixed an input-doubling text issue.
  • Melee Weapons: Fixed an error.
  • Room Transitions: Fixed an error.
  • Saved Games: Improved savefile handling.
  • Zaerie Buzzsaws: Fixed an error.


  • Improved handling if Steam Cloud is enabled or disabled mid-game.
  • Improved handling if Steam Cloud fails to find an expected file.


The following errors are now treated as warnings:
  • "Failed to create device file"
  • "Failed to open asynchronous device handle"
  • "Failed to read input report"
If controller issues are persisting:
  • Go to Options > Input > Input Module.
  • Select InControl Legacy rather than InControl Native.



Version 0.1.4c – 4 July, 2020



  • Combat: Fixed errors when slaying creatures.
  • Katana: Fixed teleport errors.
  • Keys: Addressed keys not dropping sometimes. If a key does not drop in a room, please submit a bug report.
  • Menus: Fixed error when toggling controller rumble.

Version 0.1.4b – 24 June, 2020


Elemental Balls:
  • Fixed projectiles not damaging parent creature.
  • Addressed home room cutscene errors.
  • Fixed damage-related errors.
  • Fixed melee weapon distance errors.

Version 0.1.4a – 16 June, 2020


  • Player creatures no longer collide with each other.
  • Player shields no longer collide with player creatures.
Lightning Orb:
  • Friendly bolts now go through friendly players if the player's shield is lowered.
  • If a shield is raised, the bolt will collide with the shield; friendly-fire occurs if the player is facing away from the bolt.
Melee Weapons:
  • Player melee attacks no longer hit player creatures.
  • Player projectiles now go through player creatures.
  • Projectiles still collide with raised shields.
  • Projectiles can still hurt their parent player.
  • Grenade explosions can still hurt friendly players.


Steam: Improved startup checks.

Simplified Chinese: Implemented new logo.

Weapon Rack: Added sound effect when changing weapons.

  • Fixed a creature instantiation fall-over error.
  • Fixed certain controllers not being detected.


InControl: Updated to 1.8.2.

Version 0.1.4 – 29 May, 2020


Stone of Diashan: Fixed keys not dropping from enemies.

Version 0.1.3c – 19 May, 2020


Languages: Updated Simplified Chinese strings.

Potions: Fixed a died-while-drinking error.

  • Fixed a boomerang null ref issue.
  • Fixed collisions occurring before rooms had fully loaded.
  • Fixed frame rate issues in large rooms.

Saved Games: Improved write speed.

Startup: Fixed a crash regarding unexpected screen aspect ratios.

You Have Died: Addressed null ref errors.

Version 0.1.3b – 15 May, 2020


  • Added Simplified Chinese (简体中文).
  • Game now attempts to automatically match system language upon first launch.


  • Fixed couch co-op poison UI overlay issue.
  • Fixed kittens spawning souls.

Version 0.1.3a – 28 April, 2020


NOTE: This patch improves how data is handled with Steam, but previous saved games and local high scores might be lost.

  • Increased initialization timeout from 3 seconds to 10 seconds.
  • Improved logging regarding initialization and file paths.
  • If Steam initialization fails, the game now displays an error message and prompts to quit.
Steam Cloud:
  • Added Steam Cloud status to title screen.
  • If Steam Cloud is disabled, added messages when clicking Play or viewing High Scores saying data might not be synced.
  • When viewing achievements, added warning if achievement data has not been received from Steam.


Couch Co-op:
  • Fixed HUD UI scaling, padding, and position issues.
  • Fixed version info overlapping HUDs.
Menus: Fixed processing input if Alert Box is showing.

UI: Fixed chat prompt showing during single-player and couch co-op.

Version 0.1.3 – 20 April, 2020


Online Co-op is now available. Use the Join and Host tabs in the Play category.

Game Flow:
  • Each game supports up to 4 players.
  • When starting a new game, the initial player chooses a server, specifies the game name, and optionally can add a password.
  • Once the game is created, the initial player acts as the captain, and other players can join.
  • Once the party transitions from Tallowmere's Keep to Room 1, the game becomes "closed", preventing new players from joining.
  • If the party dies and returns to Tallowmere's Keep, the game re-opens (if there are enough player slots).
  • The default key for chatting is Y
  • Custom emotes can be used by starting a message with /me or /e
  • Chests are reserved per player.
  • Gold, hearts, and souls are instanced separately for each player.
  • Corridors and waypoints require all players to be together to activate.
  • Cutscenes have a "vote to skip" feature – mash your keys or buttons to vote.
  • Items offered are available to the entire party.
  • Selling an item to the Merchant puts the item in the Merchant's Buy tab, allowing any player to buy the item.
  • AI is controlled by the captain client.
  • If the captain disconnects, someone else becomes the captain.
  • If you disconnect, you can rejoin the same game as long as someone else is still in the game.
  • Idling for 12 minutes will result in being disconnected.
  • If all players leave the game, the game instance is destroyed.


Servers are currently hosted and maintained by the developer.

Each server can host up to 50 games (200 players), though these limits need to be tested further.


  • Couch Co-op: Added chat messages when a player becomes fallen or revived.
  • Dungeons: A dungeon is now considered "started" once Room 1 has been entered, rather than once the home room cutscene has played.
  • Kitten Chambers: The type of key required is now specified when trying to open a door.
  • NPCs: Added new dialogue sentences.
  • Title Screen: Added ability to display dynamic news.


  • Steam:
    • If the game starts outside of Steam, the game now exits and restarts via Steam.
    • Fixed Steam leaderboards not refreshing post-run.
  • Fixed couch co-op cutscene camera and particle issues.
  • Improved creature-revival triggers.
  • Addressed error when picking up collectables.
  • Addressed errors during game over screen.
  • Addressed further weapon-related errors.

Version 0.1.2 – 17 March, 2020


  • Addressed null issue during home room cutscene.

Version 0.1.1 – 16 March, 2020


  • Windows & macOS:
    • Added option to choose Controller Input Module.
    • "InControl Native" and "InControl Legacy" are the available modules for now.
  • iOS:
    • Fixed pause button not working.
Room Transitions:
  • Fixed gib pooling errors.
  • Fixed incorrect screen resolution defaults on iPads.
  • Fixed movement arrows not updating position on screen resolution change.
Title Screen:
  • Pressing Esc now prompts to exit.
  • Boomerang: No longer hits kittens.
  • Quick Restart: Fixed elemental variations not being granted.
  • Fixed null errors.


  • Updated InControl to 1.8.0.

Version 0.1.0 – 4 March, 2020

Due to gameplay changes:
  • A new Steam leaderboard for 0.1.x has been created.
  • Saved games from older versions will be incompatible.


Weapon variations added:
  • Arcane Axe
  • Ember Axe
  • Lightning Axe
  • Toxic Axe
  • Lightning Grenade
  • Toxic Grenade
Enemy variations added:
  • Arcane Warrior
  • Ember Warrior
  • Lightning Warrior
  • Toxic Warrior
  • Lightning Grenadier
  • Toxic Grenadier
Gameplay changes:
  • Pedestals: Curseless-offering rolls now have a 10% Luck cap.
  • Storm Cloud: Now only casts lightning if your shield is lowered.
  • Enemies: Extra enemies from curses and room modifiers no longer drop gold nor souls.
Options added:
  • Screen Bounds: Adjusts the UI margin around the screen.


  • Game now pauses if a controller disconnects mid-game.
  • macOS: Added additional Xbox 360 controller support.
Couch Co-op:
  • Added grace period after reviving that prevents damage.
  • Added player names and colours when using the Demon Statue, Magic Mirror, and Weapon Rack.
  • Souls now match player colours.
  • Demon Statue arrows now match player colours.
  • Game now soft pauses when using a Demon Statue outside the home room.
  • Reviving now requires the Interact action remain held, rather than pressed once.
  • Fixed being able to trigger room transitions if a player was fallen.
  • Fixed being able to use waypoints if a player was fallen.
  • Fixed chest UI issues.
  • Fixed fallen player heads being angled incorrectly.
  • Fixed fallen players performing potion animations.
  • Fixed fallen players receiving heals.
  • Fixed fallen players standing up upon game load.
  • Fixed HUD souls overlapping certain UI elements.
  • Fixed incorrect amount of HUDs sometimes appearing with subsequent loads.
  • Fixed incorrect particle positions on fallen players.
  • Fixed non-current player input modifying UI button states.
  • Fixed player HUDs being positioned incorrectly upon subsequent loads.
  • Fixed poisoned and stunned UIs looking like all players were affected.
Demon Statues:
  • Enhanced selected icons.
  • Fixed attributes not recalculating after receiving rewards.
  • Fixed certain rewards consuming two soul groups.
  • Fixed unique Mystery Rewards being rolled multiple times per run.
  • Fixed Pain Limit number parsing issue
Error Handling:
  • Added alert if a repeating error is detected.
  • Feedback Submitter now gracefully handles an impending repeating-error crash.
  • Added Health Regen to the Attributes tab.
  • Fixed Potions tab not resetting with Quick Restart.
  • Fixed errors regarding null item references.
  • Fixed right panel not scrolling.
Loading Screen:
  • Enhanced progress indicators.
  • Fixed kitten sizing.
  • Added button glows when using mouse.
  • Improved About panel.
  • Improved Feedback Window.
  • Fixed Input categories displaying incorrect button text.
  • Fixed color tags appearing on truncated menu items.
  • Fixed mouse cursor hiding abnormally.
  • Fixed title text not updating.
  • Moved "Your Gold" to the top of the UI.
  • Gold count is now animated upon change.
  • Added messages for insufficient gold.
  • Game now pauses when app becomes minimised if possible.
  • Menus: Vertical up/down arrows are now brighter.
  • Movement Arrows: Default horizontal position is now 20% instead of 10%.
  • Pause Menu: Tapping an empty area no longer unpauses the game. Please tap the "Resume" button instead.
  • Resolution: 540p is now the smallest, down from 720p.
  • Screen Bounds: Improved curved screen detection.
  • UI Scaling: 100% is now the default, down from 120%.
  • Weapon Info: Now hides during conversations.
  • Android: Fixed supported controller info not being scrollable.
  • iOS: Home screen indicator now requires two swipes to activate.
  • iOS: Fixed bottom buttons overlapping the home screen indicator.
  • Addressed creatures and small objects clinging to walls.
  • Fixed keys sticking between spikes and walls.
  • Fixed gravity issues.
  • Added missing descriptions.
  • Added message when unable to consume via Inventory menu.
  • Fixed being unable to consume via Inventory menu.
  • Fixed gib-related room transition errors.
  • Fixed late-game rooms not always rolling room modifiers.
  • Fixed shields not staying raised between transitions.
  • Auto-save now occurs before revealing a new room.
  • Fixed a projectile-related error that could occur when saving.
  • Achievements: Added filters for categories and earned statuses.
  • Boomerangs: Fixed an error.
  • Feedback Window: Added sound effects.
  • Health Regen: Fixed inconsistent tick recalcuations.
  • Intermissions: Fixed text not using UI Scale.
  • Kittens: Fixed slain kitten blessing types being rerollable in a single run.
  • Poison: Added new tick sound.
  • Projectiles: Addressed a collision error.
  • Speech Bubbles: Fixed sprite issues.
  • Title Screen: Fixed particles scaling incorrectly at different resolutions.
  • Wall Torches: Fixed volume being too loud.
  • Weapon Selector: Fixed an out-of-range error.
  • Weapon Unlocking: Fixed kills not counting for certain elemental weapons.
  • Fixed an error that could occur when collecting a coin or soul.
  • Fixed an element-related error that could occur when slaying an enemy.


The following settings are now saved locally per device and no longer sync to the cloud:
  • Anti-aliasing
  • Cosmetic Effects
  • Debris & Decal Limits
  • Fullscreen
  • Screen Resolution
  • Target Frame Rate
  • Touchscreen Button Positions
  • UI Scale
  • Vertical Sync
  • Volume
  • XInput


  • Updated Unity to 2019.2.21f1.
  • Updated Post Processing to 2.3.0.
  • Updated InControl to 1.7.4.

Version 0.0.18 – 5 January, 2020


Couch Co-op:
  • Fixed allowing any player to navigate inventory and merchant menus.
  • Fixed errors when refreshing merchant stock.
  • Fixed errors when selling items.
  • Fixed menus not showing correct LB/RB glyphs.
  • Fixed merchant buyback tab not showing weapons and shields. (potions are still missing)
  • Fixed merchant menu displaying incorrect player names.
  • Increased auto bug report rate limit from 10 seconds to 5 minutes.
  • Optimised feedback and bug submissions to only send necessary savefiles.
  • Steam: Tidied up initialisation logging.

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