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⚠️ WARNING: Potential spoilers below.

Version 0.0.12 – 13 December, 2018

  • Demon Statue rewards are now persistently seeded, and now sync properly with Online Co-op.
  • Online Co-op: The last 8 chat messages are now visible when you open the chat input box.
  • Online Co-op: Improved position syncing of fallen players.
  • Online Co-op: Improved soul-collection handling.
  • Online Co-op: Fixed creature revivals failing if the fallen player was offline.
  • Online Co-op: Fixed Katana attacks not syncing properly.
  • Co-op: Fixed big red text messages displaying incorrect messages.
  • Disabled weapon on-equip speech tracks for now.
  • Disabled Unity's "Graphics Jobs (Experimental)" option to try and rule out issue #184 (Online Co-op: Client Crashes).
  • Fixed Elemental Staff projectiles not hitting friendly creatures.
  • Fixed an error that could occur if a player disconnected.
  • Fixed an issue where subsequent critical error alerts were not being shown correctly.
  • Improved performance with weapons used by enemy creatures.

Version 0.0.11 – 8 December, 2018

Key debugging:

  • To help track down missing key issues, a "Show Key Info" debug option has been added under Main Menu> Options> Advanced. If a room does not seem to have a key, please enable this debug option, and send any log files and savefiles to


  • When creating an online game, game clients now only request relay servers that match the client's version number.
  • Big red messages now say who has fallen.
  • Fixed an issue where a fallen player's shield would remain raised.
  • Fixed not being able to send chat messages during the game over sequence.
  • Fixed an issue where damage info would sometimes not be sent to the server.
  • Fixed a soft-lock that could occur if a client failed to connect to a relay server.
  • Fixed certain UI panels not resetting when restarting a new game.


  • Added confirmation prompts before deleting savefiles and high scores.
  • Fixed an issue where two keys could spawn with the Double Trouble room modifier.
  • Fixed an issue with certain room modifiers where only one element type was being chosen for enemies.
  • Fixed an issue with the Ghoul creature body.
  • Fixed an issue with the Flail Knight creature body.
  • Fixed an issue where multiple "weapon party" room modifiers could be rolled together in the same room.


  • Removed the SQLite plugin.
  • Updated engine to Unity 2017.4.16f1.

Version 0.0.10 – 29 November, 2018

Online Co-op and Room Modifiers are now available.

For online co-op for this release, there needs to be one or more Tallowmere 2 Relay Servers online in the world somewhere. When a Relay Server boots up, it keeps in touch with Tallowmere 2's web server, which tracks which relay servers and games are online.

To create a game, you select which Relay Server to use, and your game is created. To join a game, you request a list of all games, and then you choose which game to join, which connects you to the game's Relay Server.

When creating a game, you can optionally require a password.


  • The player that creates the game is deemed the "captain", represented by a crown over their player icon.
  • The captain's computer controls the enemy AI.
  • The captain is the only player that can initiate using a waypoint.

Further online notes:

  • When a player joins, a mini HUD will appear for them, representing the player's name and health.
  • Current game design requires at least 2 players to be in a game before you can leave the home room.
  • Once you journey past the home room, no new players can join until the run ends and resets back to the home room.
  • Treasure chests are reserved for certain players.
  • Merchant loot is seen as the same for all players.
  • Individual "buyback" is not present in online co-op
  • an item you sell to the merchant will appear in the merchant's inventory for anyone to purchase.
  • Friendly fire is enabled for now.
  • If a party member falls, you can revive them.
  • If all party members die, the run comes to an end.


  • If you disconnect from the server before anyone else has joined, the game is destroyed.
  • If someone disconnects from a game that was in progress, they can rejoin the game.
  • If a player disconnects (and the party has entered Room 1 or further), the player will be "offline" but their creature will persist. It is expected that the player can reconnect to the game and resume as they were. But in the event that they don't come back... going to have to wait for kicking in a future update.

Room Modifiers:

  • 39 Room Modifiers have been added.
  • When the dungeon grows stronger, one or more Room Modifiers can be selected for subsequent rooms, affecting how (or what) creatures, traps, projectiles, and/or loot is rolled or how they perform.

General changes:

  • The home room merchant now refreshes his stock when you reach a new room.
  • Lightning Orb: Increased cooldown from .05 seconds to .25 seconds.
  • Quick Restart now starts you in Room 1 rather than the home room.
  • Slightly reduced the amount of gold enemies drop.
  • Added mini warning messages.
  • Added options to display framerate, battery level, and ping.
  • Improved the Alert Box.


  • Fixed an issue where modifiers on shields were not being tracked properly.
  • Fixed some NPC sprite ordering issues.
  • Fixed issues regarding holding a key and using the Flail.
  • Fixed an issue where a run's high score could be calculated incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue where your chosen screen resolution was not being remembered between game launches.
  • Fixed an internal issue where enemy items were not being removed from the world database when the enemy died.
  • Fixed an internal performance issue where creature alterants were being rebuilt too often.

Known issues:

  • When launching Tallowmere 2, the game might ask you to reconnect to a previous game a bit too much.
  • Kicking players is not implemented yet.
  • Item trading is not implemented yet.
  • Manually assigning someone as a new captain is not implemented yet.
  • Player creatures collide with each other
  • they should possibly not collide (something to look into for a future version).
  • Demon Statue level-up rewards are not properly synced, so there may be some health and damage issues for now (eg you might die too quickly or feel like you're not dealing enough damage).
  • Character and class selection is absent from this version for now.
  • LAN or private network play is not supported for this release at this time.
  • Disconnection messages are not yet localised into sentences.

Version 0.0.9 – 8 November, 2018


  • Added trap type: Elemental Spinners.
  • Added Arcane Bow and Poison Bow variations.
  • Added Arcane Archers and Poison Archers.

Gameplay changes:

  • Saved games are now deleted upon death.
  • Enemy eyes now glow white and red before and during attack sequences. (not implemented for all enemies yet)
  • The Katana is more zig-zaggy again, and now shows indicators on enemies it might choose to teleport to.
  • Grenades now have a glow around them.
  • Bloats no longer stand still when performing their explosion sequence.
  • Bloat giblets no longer stun the player.
  • Reduced flinch duration from 0.2 seconds to 0.15 seconds.
  • Improved hunter mark indicator visibility.
  • When using a dev command, the game now enters a "cheat mode", in which game-saving and high scores submissions will be disabled.


  • Fixed Lightning Orb not showing a ranged indicator.
  • Fixed traps not growing stronger.
  • Fixed melee enemies standing idle too much.
  • Fixed not being able to walk backwards if shield was raised against a wall.
  • Fixed quick weapon switching not working after looting certain weapons.
  • Fixed Scythe letting creatures slide backwards.
  • Fixed Bloat heads not pulsing.
  • Fixed chests not showing the right element representation on certain weapons.


  • Added option to delete all saved games.
  • Improved saved game file sizes.
  • Internal: Updated LiteNetLib to v0.7.7.2.

Version 0.0.8 – 1 November, 2018

  • Added weapon: Boomerang.
  • Added enemy: Outlander. Outlanders throw Boomerangs.
  • Added enemy: Bloat. Bloats explode.
  • Improved Stun Bomb hit detection.
  • Elite Conductors now attack a maximum of 3 times per burst.
  • Increased chance of weapons spawning in chests.
  • Chests now use slightly higher item rolling.
  • Merchants now stock slightly more generous loot.

Version 0.0.7 – 28 October, 2018

  • Added a Buyback category to the Merchant.
  • When buying items, added a Compare button to view a glimpse of your most powerful weapon or shield.
  • Added a gold counter to the bottom of UI when shopping with the Merchant.
  • Improved better/worse comparisons.
  • Fixed UI elements not positioning properly if UI scale was greater than 100%.

Version 0.0.6 – 23 October, 2018

  • Added iOS and Android to the build pipeline.
  • Enemies now grow stronger two rooms after you do.
  • Demon Statues have been reworked to now let you choose between +Attack Power, +Health, or +Gold. Different rewards will come later. Skill point rewards are MIA for now.
  • The Wandering Merchant has been added to the home room. You can buy things, but can't sell nor buyback yet. Stock is refreshed based on how many rooms you've reached for your current run. Expect changes in the future.
  • Removed the pre-game setup screen. In the future, you'll be able to choose your character body and class from within the home room.
  • Item Tiers have been added, dropping in Room 50 and higher.
  • Shields can now be found in chests.
  • Shields now have better/worse indictors. Indicators will be added to Weapons in the future.
  • Runes are not appearing in chests for this version, but will return again soon.
  • Camera is zoomed in more closely now.
  • Improved Lady Tallowmere's dialogue.

Version 0.0.5 – 5 October, 2018


  • Waypoints now work. Use waypoints throughout the dungeon to return to Tallowmere's Keep.
  • Lady Tallowmere now heals you if you're injured.
  • Enemies no longer spot you immediately if they are facing away from you. Additionally, if an enemy does spot you, nearby enemies will be alerted.
  • Increased creature base movement speed from 4f to 4.12f.
  • Flash of Light: Reduced radius from 10 to 5.
  • Flail: Removed movement speed reduction.
  • Lifesteal now only has a 10% chance to restore health on hit.


  • Reduced poison screen effect particle emission rate from 700 to 400.
  • Added options to reset audio and video options to their defaults.
  • Added different anti-aliasing defaults depending on platform.
  • Savefiles are now versioned internally.
  • Limited default starting resolution to 1080p or 720p depending on platform.
  • Added dev command: Reset Skills.


  • Fixed certain enemies being more likely to spawn than others.
  • Fixed buffs and debuffs sometimes not showing their status labels.
  • Fixed buffs and debuffs from sometimes stacking over and over.
  • Fixed the healthbar's yellow damage portion extending too far.
  • Fixed keys and coins being able to spawn outside of the room.
  • Fixed context menus being layered incorrectly.
  • Fixed drinking potion animation sometimes being janky.

Version 0.0.4 – 30 September, 2018

Gameplay changes:

  • Holding a key now prevents horizontal line-of-sight traps from spotting you.
  • Tweaked knockback forces for certain weapons and explosions.
  • Drinking a health potion now drops any key you were holding.

Fixes and improvements:

  • Updated engine to Unity 2017.4.12f1.
  • Keys and coins that get pushed too far into corridors now get pushed back out.
  • Bow & Arrow: Arrow on the bow is now animated as you attack.
  • Improved dungeon block collider geometry and memory footprint.
  • Improved performance by loading fonts during splash screen.
  • Linux: Fixed keyboard input issues.
  • High Scores: Fixed the Close button not being clickable.
  • Fixed performance issues regarding too many blood puddles being spawned.
  • Fixed an issue where you could pick up items with your shield raised.
  • Fixed being able to hurt yourself with projectile weapons when jumping and spinning.
  • Fixed Giant's Toe triggering while a room is loading.
  • Fixed home room key spawning in mid-air.
  • Fixed a null error from drinking health potions too quickly.
  • Fixed straight-flying projectiles moving erratically.
  • Fixed being able to continuously attempt to walk into a wall.
  • Fixed a weapon-related null error.

Version 0.0.3 – 26 September, 2018

  • Fixed Stun Bombs being able to be thrown if player didn't have line of sight to an enemy.
  • Added checks to ensure creatures, keys, and coins don't get stuck between blocks.
  • Reduced enemy walking speed.
  • Adjusted corridor entrances to give you more breathing room.

Version 0.0.2 – 23 September, 2018

  • The game now saves automatically when you enter a room.
  • Fixed empty menu categories throwing errors.
  • Fixed an error if game failed to initialise with Steam.
  • Fixed "Save & Exit to Desktop" not actually saving.
  • To prevent data overflows, the game now hard quits if the same error happens 30+ times in a row.

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