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Last revised: 31 March, 2022


As of version 0.3.4:

  • Tallowmere 2's developer, Chris McFarland, is committed to keeping data collected from the game as anonymous as possible.

The game's statistics, feedback, and error reporting systems:

  • are developed in-house (eg not using third-party solutions), and
  • transmit data to the developer's data server via secure transmission (HTTPS).

Any data collected:

  • is used to improve the game,
  • is stored securely as reasonably possible, and
  • will not be sent to anyone else nor used for any other purpose.


The Feedback Form lets players manually submit ideas, suggestions, and bug reports.

When using the Feedback Form:

  • Text in the textbox will be sent to the developer upon submission.
  • If the Debug Data checkbox is checked, additional Debug Data will be included (details below).


If the "Share Statistics" option is enabled:

  • The game may submit gameplay stats to the developer, such as session length, room numbers, enemies defeated, character details, weapon usage, and other dungeon-specific info.

If the "Share Errors" option is enabled:

  • If the game encounters a critical error, an error report may be sent to the developer, which will include Debug Data (details below).

Both options can be toggled under Options > Account.

Where possible, automatic reports will only be sent when the game is connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi or Ethernet.


When playing Online Co-op, Tallowmere 2's game servers may record gameplay statistics to help improve the game and troubleshoot errors.

The game servers do not record chat messages nor IP addresses.


If Debug Data is submitted to the developer, details may include the following:

Game data:

  • Client version
  • Saved games and dungeon details
  • Screenshot of the game
  • Options and settings
  • Player display name (aka persona)
  • Account ID (if available)
  • Output logs
  • Achievement progress
  • High scores
  • Total deaths

Device data:

  • Platform
  • Operating system version
  • CPU, RAM, and GPU details
  • Screen resolution
  • Names of connected controllers
  • Local time
  • Approximate country and city (IP addresses are not stored)
  • Device name and model
  • Device unique ID (generated by the Unity game engine)


To remove any statistics, feedback, and error reports related to your game:

  • Navigate to Options > Account > Delete Data.

When the request is submitted, Tallowmere 2's data server will immediately scrub and remove any data that matches your:

  • Account ID (where possible), and
  • Device unique ID (where possible).


For the operational purposes of data storage, notifications, purchase transactions, and online functionality for the game, services from the following companies may be used:

For enquiries, please visit:

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