Prepare to raise your shield. Again.

Lady Tallowmere is preparing her second generation of dungeons for your pain and pleasure.

23 October, 2020
Final call for Early Backer rewards

In preparation for the Early Access release of Tallowmere 2: Curse of the Kittens, Lady Tallowmere has demanded the following Early Backer rewards be locked and closed on 1 November, 2020:

  • 😻 Feline Faithful
  • 🔑 Quadruple Conundrums
  • 📜 Everlasting Event Designer
  • 💀 Bastardly Boss Designer

If you'd like to secure reward incentives for naming kittens, fleshing out guards, and/or taking a stab at event design and boss design, please pre-order on before the current rewards vanish.

At the time of this writing, pre-order counts stand at:

  • 😻 Feline Faithful x 32
  • 🔑 Quadruple Conundrums x 10
  • 📜 Everlasting Event Designer x 0
  • 💀 Bastardly Boss Designer x 1

I am 99% certain Early Access will launch in early December 2020. Lots of server and network coding has been completed recently, and I think the dungeons feel good and stable enough to enter Early Access by the end of the year.

Once the rewards are closed, I will be emailing each backer with instructions and info for the character-naming.

Steam keys will be sent when Early Access begins.

If you have any questions, please get in touch.


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Tallowmere 2
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