Tallowmere 2: Curse of the Kittens

Raise your shield... again

Dev Log – 8 December, 2018

Online Co-op Gameplay Footage

Dev Log – 1 December, 2018

Getting Ready for Steam

Hello! What's been happening this year? Lots of coding! Some new enemies and weapons! Merchants! Room modifiers! Also moved house.

There's online co-op now, and it's working! Server testing and deployment is streamlined. Steam builds and mobile builds are streamlined. Things are coming along.

I've created an issue tracker on GitHub. There's even a changelog.

I've also posted an annoucement on Steam regarding a Steam Early Access roadmap. Click here to read. I'm hoping to open the doors to Early Access in March 2019.

For now, please enjoy a glimpse below at some of the new stuff that's been added over the past few months.



Elemental Staffs


Merchant Wares

Level Up Rewards

Waypoint Transitions

Health Potions


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Tallowmere 2

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