Early Access Release Date

Lady Tallowmere is pleased to announce...
Tallowmere 2: Curse of the Kittens
will launch as an Early Access title on Steam and itch.io on:

Friday, 4 December, 2020 @ 11:00am PST (GMT-8)

Launch Times

California, USA Friday, 4 December, 2020
11:00am PST (GMT-8)
Colorado, USA Friday, 4 December, 2020
12:00pm MST (GMT-7)
Wisconsin, USA Friday, 4 December, 2020
1:00pm CST (GMT-6)
Massachusetts, USA Friday, 4 December, 2020
2:00pm EST (GMT-5)
São Paulo, Brazil Friday, 4 December, 2020
4:00pm (GMT-3)
Berlin, Germany Friday, 4 December, 2020
8:00pm (GMT+1)
Kraków, Poland Friday, 4 December, 2020
8:00pm (GMT+1)
Paris, France Friday, 4 December, 2020
8:00pm (GMT+1)
Moscow, Russia Friday, 4 December, 2020
10:00pm (GMT+3)
Beijing, China Saturday, 5 December, 2020
3:00am (GMT+8)
Seoul, South Korea Saturday, 5 December, 2020
4:00am (GMT+9)
Tokyo, Japan Saturday, 5 December, 2020
4:00am (GMT+9)
Sydney, Australia Saturday, 5 December, 2020
6:00am (GMT+11)
Auckland, New Zealand Saturday, 5 December, 2020
8:00am (GMT+13)

Player modes at launch

Play solo.
Play with a game controller
(Xbox One or PlayStation 4 recommended),
or keyboard and mouse.
Couch Co-op
Shared-screen local co-op.
Up to 4 players.
Play with 4 controllers, or
3 controllers and 1 keyboard.
Online Co-op
Play with friends online.
Internet connection required.
Up to 4 players per dungeon.

Languages at launch

translated by
Bysttro, Icy, sePL80, and Spiffosi
Portuguese - Brazil
Português - Brasil
translated by
Ewerton E. de Souza
Simplified Chinese
translated by
Lightning Games

Differences from the demo

Room limit removed How far can you go?
Enemy levels, item rarities, and room modifiers will scale more naturally.
Kitten limit removed Can you rescue 9 kittens in a single run?
Careful – they're fragile.
Achievements 80+ achievements.
Collect them all.
Starting Weapons The Weapon Rack is ready.
Character Classes Break the chains.
Mirror, mirror...
Leaderboards Can you make it to the top?
Categories for each player mode and significant version.
Online Co-op Play online.

Server locations at launch

Regions View the Server Status page for latest info.
If you'd like a server in a region not listed,
please contact me.



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Questions & Answers

Launch discount?

There will be a 40% discount at launch. After that, only 10% discounts are planned throughout Early Access.

LAN Co-op?

Local Area Network Co-op is planned, but not quite ready at this time.

Mobile and console?

Android & iOS: Almost ready. Aiming for Q1 2021.

Nintendo Switch: I've received a Switch devkit from Nintendo, but have not had time to tackle this properly yet. Aiming for mid-2021.

Steam keys via itch.io?

As of 25 Nov, 2020, I am in the process of emailing each backer with login details to access their Steam key(s).

Each backer's main Steam key will be accessible via itch.io/my-purchases

Additional keys will be accessible via a special login page I've created.

Feline Faithful and Quadruple Conundrum rewards from itch.io?

As of 25 Nov, 2020, I am in the process of emailing each backer with login details for accessing Early Backer rewards.

However, due to time constraints, name-crediting, kitten-naming, and guard-naming rewards will be finalised shortly after the Early Access launch.

Community servers?

Documentation, knowledge, and server-deployment script generation is pretty much done and ready.

I will publicly release info on how to host your own community servers once Early Access has launched.

Can I stream and record the game?

Yes! Please do.

If you'd like any branding or artwork files, please check out the media kits.

Also, Tallowmere 2's music was licensed royalty-free, so you shouldn't run into any takedown issues.

See you in the dungeons soon.

– Chris

posted: 15 November, 2020
updated: 25 November, 2020

Tallowmere 2
© Chris McFarland 2022

Tallowmere 2

  • Roguelike dungeon platformer
  • Work-in-progress

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Mobile launch: 30 September, 2022

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  • Player modes:
  • Single-player
  • Couch Co-op
  • Online Co-op
  • Upcoming platforms:
  • Nintendo Switch: 2022?


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Tallowmere 2: Curse of the Kittens

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