⚠️ WARNING: Potential spoilers below.

Version 0.3.0 – 19 December, 2021

Welcome to Ruleset 0.3

Number adjustments. Elite chests. New shields. Many fixes.

Many of the dungeon's health and damage numbers have been tweaked. Things should feel more fair, and you might even feel overpowered at times! Lady Tallowmere hopes these changes makes your dungeon experience more pleasant. Still, please remember to keep your shield raised to avoid dying.

New dungeons now use Ruleset 0.3.


Ruleset 0.2
  • The previous Version 0.2 leaderboard is now known as Ruleset 0.2. It's been a fun journey over the past year with Version 0.2, potion exploits and all. Thank you for sharing your feedback along the way.
Ruleset 0.3
  • A new leaderboard for Ruleset 0.3 has been added. Lady Tallowmere wishes you good luck with your new high scores and speed runs.

    Tallowmere 2 – Steam leaderboard filters – Rulesets


  • Algorithms for enemies and traps growing stronger have been adjusted. Enemies and traps should feel more reasonable than Version 0.2.
  • Loot rarities and item tiers are now more random as you progress through the dungeon, rather than being guaranteed.
  • Enemy stat calculations no longer expect the player to have a minimum item rarities nor item tiers. As such, any fancy loot you find should keep you above the enemy scale in most circumstances. However, don't let your guard down...


Rarity colours:
  • Treasure chests now have a coloured indicator, signifying the rarity held within.

    Tallowmere 2 – Treasure chest rarity indicators
Elite chests:
  • Elite enemies now guard extra treasure chests most of the time.
  • Elite chests become unlocked when the elite is defeated.
  • Elite chests contain a minimum 3-star rarity.

    Tallowmere 2 – Elite enemy guarding treasure chest


Basic Rewards:
  • A new Basic Reward has been added: Health & Strength
    • Offers a small amount of max health and attack power.
    • This reward type is rolled with the existing "Strength" and "Health" reward types in the first two slots.

      Tallowmere 2 – Health & Strength – Demon Statue reward
Mystery Rewards:
  • The third Mystery Reward slot now has a chance to expose what the reward is, rather than being a mystery.


Added three shields from the original Tallowmere:

  • Darson's Shield
  • Ghoulhide Shield
  • Legacy Shield

    Tallowmere 2 – Shields

Shield health values have been increased.


  • Potions stocked by merchants now have quantities.
  • Potions no longer use the Buyback system; potions sold to the merchant are added to the merchant's Buy tab.
  • Healing values have been adjusted to be more generous.
  • Buff durations have been increased for most special potions.

    Tallowmere 2 – Special Potion


Enemy AI:
  • Enemies now sync their positions less often often during combat. This should make things feel smoother with less abrupt position changes.
Data synchronization:
  • Improved handling of data syncing during room loading.
  • If a data issue is detected during room loading, a new synchronization event will occur automatically, where the game client will redownload the entire dungeon data from the server.
Chat commands:
  • If you feel your dungeon is out-of-sync for some reason, you can now enter a chat command to redownload all dungeon data from the server.
  • The following new chat commands perform the same sync event:
    • /sync
    • /resync


  • Fixed an issue where items sold by a player could not be purchased by other players.
  • Fixed an issue where potions would not respect your chosen sort order.
  • Fixed many issues with potion transactions during Online Co-op.
  • Fixed the issue where selling a potion would let you buyback the potion multiple times.
Weapon Comparison:
  • Fixed an issue when browsing the Buy tab where weapons would show as "New" if merchant's weapon damage equalled player's equipped weapon damage.


  • Added sound effect when looting a potion from a treasure chest.
  • Added sound effect when throwing a key.
  • Reduced volume of waypoint flames and wall torches.
Couch Co-op:
  • Collecting a heart now heals every player.
  • Collecting gold now gives gold to every player.
  • Improved weapon UI positioning.
  • Items sold to the merchant now appear in the Buyback tab for every player.
  • Fixed an issue where Demon Statue arrows could show incorrect colours.
  • Enemies guarding kittens can no longer be hurt by Flails if the kitten's door is closed.
  • When a creature receives damage, the amount of vertical force applied has been reduced.
  • Fixed an issue where enemies would pause for too long after receiving damage. Previously, enemies would pause for 2 seconds; now, enemies pause for 0.265 seconds.
  • Enemies now drop gold on a scaled amount.
  • The Gold Find attribute is now applied to each enemy's slain value, rather than applied to each individual coin or gem collected.
  • Bounciness is now decreased after colliding with a creature.
  • Reduced the amount of vertical force from explosions.

    Tallowmere 2 – Grenades
Local High Scores:
  • Local scores now record which Ruleset the score was using, but this has not yet been categorized. The UI for filtering local scores by Ruleset will be added in a future patch.
Multishot Blessing:
  • Now has a 50% proc chance, down from 100%.
Multishot Item Modifier:
  • Now rolls a chance to proc, rather than being a 100% chance.
  • Spike traps no longer spawn beside waypoints.
Room Modifier – Slow Projectiles:
  • Speed now affects player projectiles.
  • Weapons, shields, and potions now show their Item Level beside their stars.
  • Saved games now show which Ruleset the dungeon is using.
  • Improved the Blessings tab.
  • Fixed a pagination issue with shields in the player's inventory tab.
  • Fixed an issue with the interaction label being too wide sometimes.
  • Zaeries now bounce away after dealing damage to a creature.
  • When receiving deathly damage from a projectile, Zaeries now attempt to be knocked away from the creature that dealt the damage, rather than the projectile's center point.


  • Updated InControl to v1.8.7.
  • Improved performance for InControl Native.
  • Improved support for 8BitDo game controllers.
  • Fixed issues with PlayStation 5 triggers with Bluetooth and InControl Native.
  • Fixed issues with PlayStation 5 D-Pad mappings with Bluetooth and InControl Native.
  • Fixed a disconnection crash.


  • Added fixes to help ensure creatures do not die prematurely during room loading.
  • Fixed an issue where keyboard number shortcuts would let you swap weapons while your shield was raised.
  • Fixed an issue where far-away souls could start flying to a player during room loading.
  • Fixed a bug where receiving a reward that increased max health did not heal the player immediately.
  • Fixed various errors with the Elemental Staff, Flail, and Scythe.
  • Added a potential fix for handling null healthbar render textures.

Tallowmere 2
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