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⚠️ WARNING: Potential spoilers below.

Version 0.4.0f – 23 October, 2023


  • Added support for Steam's on-screen virtual keyboard when using Big Picture Mode when playing Couch Co-op and editing player names.
  • Fixed an error that could prevent options from being read or written.
  • Fixed an issue in the menus regarding the Core Supporter Pack.

Version 0.4.0e – 15 October, 2023


  • Fixed an issue where leaderboard scores could be submitted with a score of zero, or not submitted at all, if the game over screen was skipped too quickly. Leaderboard scores are now submitted faster after dying.
  • Fixed an issue where leaderboard menus would sometimes not be visible.
  • Added support for the GameSir T4 Pro controller.
  • Added generic support for future GameSir controllers.
  • The Feedback form has been moved to Options > Advanced > Feedback.
  • Fixed menu panels not resizing correctly with UI Scaling options.
  • Fixed various errors.

Version 0.4.0d – 20 September, 2023


  • Fixed a camera issue when inspecting treasure chests.
  • Fixed a crash that could happen after selling potions.
  • Fixed a padding issue when inspecting high tier shields.
  • Fixed an error with scrollbars.
  • Fixed various menu issues.

Version 0.4.0c – 18 September, 2023


  • Fixed an error with UI calculations.

Version 0.4.0b – 15 September, 2023


Desktop UI Scaling:
  • Added scaling options up to 300% if screen resolution is greater than 1080p. This should be ample for 4K resolutions.
Couch Co-op:
  • Improved camera zooming performance.
  • Improved particle sizes with UI scaling options.
  • Player name labels now resize with UI scale.
  • Fixed camera zooming issues when inspecting treasure chests.
  • Fixed positioning issues with weapon info panels.
  • Added option under Account tab: "Send Leaderboard Scores". Enabled by default.
  • Fixed an issue after submitting a score where the system message would parse a wrong number.
Weapon Selector:
  • Weapon slots now scale smaller if needed, to ensure the slots are not hidden behind other UI elements.
  • Fixed overlapping weapon slots for Radial layout if UI scale is greater than 100%.
  • Increased Online Co-op initial connection timeout from 5 seconds to 10 seconds.
  • Fixed a crash that could happen after submitting a bug report.
  • Fixed a hang that could happen when importing invalid options during startup.
  • Fixed spacing issues with room modifier info.
  • Fixed UI position issues when inspecting treasure chests.
  • Reduced frequency of writing to Account file when incrementing achievement progress.
  • Updated engine to Unity 2021.3.22f1.

Version 0.4.0a – 17 August, 2023


  • Fixed an error preventing the Kitten Backer Sign from being used.
  • Fixed an error with achievements checking difficulty settings when not in a dungeon.
  • Fixed an error with Weapon Challenge modes when playing online.
  • Fixed issues with achievement progress bar positions.
  • Fixed issues with lightning bolts.
  • Fixed issues with the Attributes and Journal tabs when dying.
  • Fixed rare errors when blocking damage with shield.
  • Fixed rare errors with creatures flipping.
  • Fixed UI menu glitches when using the Game Mode portal.
  • Translation fixes.

Version 0.4.0 – 11 August, 2023


A new Game Mode portal has been added to the home room.

Access the portal to play new game modes. New achievements have been added for each special game mode.

Kitten Collect-a-thon
  • 99 kittens have been scattered across the dungeon. Can you collect them all?
  • This game mode has a limit of 20 rooms.
Enemy Challenges
  • Select an enemy — the dungeon will be filled with only that type of enemy.
Weapon Challenges
  • Select a weapon — you will only be able to use that weapon type throughout the dungeon.
Standard Dungeon
  • To play the classic endless standard dungeon, please ignore the portal and insert the key into the home room door as normal.


  • New achievements have been added for the new game modes.
  • Achievement descriptions now specify the required game mode and difficulty.
  • A new Difficulty Panel has been added to the home room.
  • Feral is the regular default permadeath difficulty (orange).
  • Cuddly is a new "easy" difficulty (green), giving players extra health and the ability to respawn.
  • Neither achievements nor leaderboards will be available if Cuddly is active.
  • Cuddly imposes a limit of 60 rooms.
  • Increased health by 400% to help prevent accidental deaths.
Steam Input:
  • Added text advising user to ensure an "official layout" is selected when using Steam Input.
  • If your controller is not working with Steam Input, please ensure an official layout is selected in the Steam Input config window. Steam's "generic gamepad" config will not work.
  • The Steam Input config window can now be opened in-game, regardless if a controller is detected or not.
  • Added support for the PXN-P3 controller.
  • Target API Level is now 33 (Android 13).
  • Added pagination buttons for filter drop-down menus.
  • Fixed an issue where button glyphs could sometimes be null in the menus.
  • Fixed an issue where servers could become unstable if a client connected then disconnected quickly.
Steamworks SDK:
  • Updated to 1.57.

Version 0.3.7p – 17 February, 2023


Steam Input + Couch Co-op:
  • Fixed an issue where player actions were not being processed consistently.
  • Performance improvements.

Version 0.3.7o – 11 February, 2023


Saved Games:
  • Tallowmere 2 uses a plugin called CloudOnce that utilises iCloud's key-value storage system, with the intent of allowing file syncing between iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices.
  • Post-launch, it was discovered that iCloud's key-value system has a 1 MB storage limit per app.
  • This is fine for one or two typical saved game files, but the 1 MB limit causes storage errors once file sizes exceed this limit, which does happen.
  • There currently aren't any suitable plugins for the Unity game engine that allow access to iCloud's CloudKit or Documents systems, which do not have such storage limits.
  • As such, for the interim, iCloud key-value support will be phased out for saved games. Existing saved games in the key-value system will be downloaded and stored locally if possible. Going forward, new saved games will be stored locally until further notice.

Version 0.3.7n – 23 January, 2023


  • Further fixes to address multi-touch input issues.

Version 0.3.7m – 22 January, 2023


  • Fixed multiple touch issues involving the movement arrows, attack button, and jump button.

Version 0.3.7k – 18 January, 2023


  • Added positioning options for the Interact button and bottom buttons.
  • Added "hold to activate" options for many buttons.
  • The Chat button now has "hold to activate" enabled by default.
  • Added text advising that saved games are deleted upon death.
  • Fixed an error that could happen during death sequence with inventory open.

Version 0.3.7j – 3 January, 2023


iOS & Google Play:
  • Fixed and improved many cloud sync issues with saved games and achievement progress, especially at startup.
  • Fixed an issue where the Core Supporter splash screen could appear at incorrect times.

Version 0.3.7i – 1 January, 2023


  • Added support for Nintendo Joy-Con Pairs.
  • Added an alert, advising that connecting a controller mid-game is not fully supported due to a bug. It is recommended to have a controller connected before launching the game.
  • Fixed a logging startup crash that could happen if Steam Input did not initiate everything fast enough.

Tallowmere 2
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