Changelog – 2019 Archive

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⚠️ WARNING: Potential spoilers below.

Version 0.0.17a – 13 December, 2019


  • Looting: Fixed an error that could occur when acquiring an item.
  • Bug Reports: Fixed logs not sending current-frame debug info.

Version 0.0.17 – 8 December, 2019


  • Feedback Window:
    • Added a Feedback Window, available from the title screen and pause menu.
    • Allows you to submit anonymised general feedback, ideas, suggestions, and bug reports from inside the game.
    • Upon successful submission, you will be given a unique Feedback ID, which you can optionally then tell the developer manually (via email, Discord, Twitter, etc) if you'd like your report to be investigated further.
  • Automatic Error Reporting:
    • A new option has been added: "Share Errors". Enabled by default. Listed under Options> Advanced.
    • If enabled, when the game encounters a critical error, the game will attempt to automatically submit an anonymised error report to the developer.
    • Info about the submission's success (including Feedback ID) will be logged in the Debug Log (default key: F2).


  • Katanas: Fixed being unable to hit Zaeries.
  • Secret Dev Area: Fixed being encounterable late-game.

Version 0.0.16 – 26 November, 2019


  • iPhones & iPads: Targeting iOS 13 for TestFlight.
  • General:
    • Added a Heal button, which shows when your health is below a certain percentage (default: 75%).
    • Added visible movement arrows.
    • Added touch scrolling for many menus.
    • Added touch detection for Magic Mirror and Weapon Rack.
    • Added many options for configuring button positions, styling, and layout orders.
    • Enhanced the bottom buttons for Pause, Inventory, and Weapon Selector.
  • Treasure Chests:
    • Interaction flow now starts with "Inspect", followed by "Take".
    • Camera now shifts appropriately when inspecting to cater for items containing many stats.
  • Saving:
    • Game now saves automatically when the app is minimised (when possible).
  • Debug Log:
    • If an error message is shown, tapping the message now shows the Debug Log.
    • Debug Log can also be shown via Options> Advanced.


  • Cutscenes: Improved alert box skipping.
  • Item Management:
    • Removed the context menu when attempting to manage a Weapon or Shield.
    • Defaults to "Equip" for now.
    • Will re-instate context menu with further management actions later.
  • Loading Screen: Enhanced particles and diamonds.
  • Menus:
    • Room Name and Player HUD are now hidden in some cases to prevent UI clutter.
    • Improved input prompt handling for Couch Co-op player name editing.
    • Improved message handling if no Internet connection is present.
    • Improved UI scaling handling.
    • Enhanced pause menu when using a controller.
    • Slimmed down the Notes> Info category.
  • Network Requests: Added a 5-second timeout.
  • Options: Default values for most options are now displayed.
  • Saved Games: Added a button to delete individual saved games.
  • Weapon Rack: Updated left/right button styles.
  • Errors Be Gone:
    • Errors now log further details, such as room number, room modifiers, game state stack, and more.
    • Fixed a crash that could occur after viewing your inventory and returning to title.
    • Fixed an error that could occur during initial cutscene.
    • Fixed an error that could occur when retrieving list of online games.
    • Fixed back buttons showing incorrect text sometimes.
    • Fixed confirm buttons having incorrect widths sometimes.
    • Fixed controller button glyphs showing behind padlock for locked weapons on Weapon Rack.
    • Fixed default player names in Couch Co-op being incorrect.
    • Fixed getting stuck between spikes and blocks if frame rate was low.
    • Fixed projectiles rotating too fast sometimes.
    • Fixed showing the "Dead Again" message upon first death.
    • Fixed speech bubble positions being incorrect on mobile.
    • Fixed title logo showing blood if blood option was disabled.

Version 0.0.15d – 14 October, 2019


  • Boomerangs:
    • Fixed inconsistent speeds occurring at different frame rates.
    • Fixed being able to fly out of bounds without returning.
  • Magic Mirror: Fixed a positioning issue.
  • Projectiles:
    • Owner-hit-prevention duration changed from 0.15 secs to 0.50 secs.
    • Owner-hit-prevention now ends early when colliding with blocks.
    • Improved hit detection; collisions are now processed within FixedUpdate rather than Update.
    • Fixed being able to block your own projectiles when raising shield immediately after attacking.
  • Pedestals: Fixed a crash that could occur during cutscenes.
  • Output Log:
    • Upon startup, if a previous log file exists, a copy will be made named "Tallowmere2_OutputLog_PreviousSession.txt".
    • Added local date to log upon startup.


To help resolve physics issues:
  • Maximum Allowed Timestep: Changed from 0.333 secs to 0.10 secs.
  • Maximum Particle Timestep: Changed from 0.03 secs to 0.10 secs.

Version 0.0.15c – 11 October, 2019


  • Cutscene Skipping:
    • Added confirmation notifications for offerings and curses when skipping pedestal cutscenes.
    • Fixed camera sometimes stalling.
    • Fixed pedestal offering objects not disappearing.
    • Stone of Diashan: Fixed enemies dying slowly post-cutscene.
  • Demon Statues: Fixed a "+0 Gold Find" bonus reward issue.
  • Pedestals:
    • Added a special sentence if no curse is present.
    • Fixed an error if no curse had been rolled.
  • Projectiles:
    • Fixed many collision errors, mainly involving Boomerangs.
    • If collision errors still occur, please submit further bug reports.
  • Debugging:
    • Added version info to bottom-left corner of most screens.
    • Debug Log (macOS): Fixed log path not behaving correctly.

Version 0.0.15b – 7 October, 2019


  • Demon Statues: Fixed rewards not parsing strings correctly.
  • Inventory: Hopefully fixed an error when attempting to equip an item.
  • Potions: Hopefully fixed an error when consuming a potion via the Inventory menu.
  • Projectiles:
    • Hopefully fixed collision errors.
    • If errors involving Projectile.ProcessCollisionAndOrCollider still occur, please submit further reports.
  • Saved Games:
    • Fixed an issue where certain Steam Cloud savefiles were not being loaded at startup.
    • Hopefully fixed an issue where certain Blessings were causing savefiles to fail to load.
  • Stone of Diashan: Fixed an error that could occur if an enemy died prematurely.
  • INI: Fixed a boolean import issue.


  • Debug Log: Improved output for easier-to-read error logging.

Version 0.0.15a – 4 October, 2019


  • Fixed an issue where loading could stall if Steam Cloud tried to find a deleted file.

Version 0.0.15 – 2 October, 2019


  • Lady Tallowmere has a wand now…?
  • Magic Mirror:
    • Allows you to change your character.
    • Certain characters start locked. Unlock by playing the game.
  • Pedestals:
    • Pedestals contain Offerings and Curses.
    • Will you accept what’s on offer?
  • Demon Statues: Added 50+ new rewards.
  • Inventory tabs:
    • Blessings: Did someone say “meow”?
    • Attributes: Shows info for the modifiers you acquire.
    • Journal: Shows gameplay stats.
  • Potions: Added new potion types.
  • Weapon Selector: Replaces the old Weapon Wheel.
  • Achievements: Added 80+ achievements.
  • Leaderboards:
    • Scores are submitted automatically.
    • Scores are filtered between version numbers and number of players per run.
  • Music: Added new music tracks.
  • Art: Implemented new loading screen and title artwork. Illustrated by Eric Grimoire.


  • Added:
    • Steam Achievements.
    • Steam Cloud Saves.
    • Steam Leaderboards.
  • File Management:
    • Account.t2, Options.t2, and SavedGame.XXX.t2 files are now handled by Steam Cloud. As such, options, high scores, and saved games will not be automatically carried over from v0.0.14.
    • LocalSettings.ini has been moved to a unique folder for each Steam account.


  • Added: Poison Boomerang.


  • Added: Bouncy, Bullet Hell, Flail Party, From the Grave, Heartless, Hearty, Penniless, and Tilted.


  • Added: All Resist, Physical Resist, Arcane Resist, Poison Resist, Lightning Resist, Fire Resist, Chest Find, Gold Find, Health on Kill, Heart Find, Heart Healing, Lifesteal, Lifesteal Chance, Luck, Magnetism, Stun Immunity, Poison Immunity, and Bouncy.
  • Deathstrike: Added visual effects upon proc.
  • Lifesteal:
    • Lifesteal has been split into +Lifesteal and +Lifesteal Chance.
    • If your creature is only altered by one +Lifesteal or one +Lifesteal Chance modifier, the other modifier will have a default value of +1 or +5% respectively.


  • Co-op:
    • Enemies now have increased health when playing co-op.
    • Reduced health-on-revival percentage from 50% to 25%.
  • Combat: Keys can now hurt enemies.
  • Enemies:
    • Adjusted enemy AI behaviour when hiding behind UI elements.
    • Adjusted enemy health to be tankier as the dungeon progresses.
    • Reduced default heart drop chance from 33.3% to 25%.
    • Reduced number of attacks per attack sequence in Rooms 1-10.
  • Flail: Slightly increased chain length.
  • Healing: Receiving a heal from Lady Tallowmere now clears poison debuffs.
  • Health Regen: Changed tick intervals from 1.2 secs to 0.8 secs.
  • Items:
    • Chests and Merchants now roll loot rarities more generously, but not too overpowered in the first 10 rooms.
    • Increased gold values for item rarities and item tiers.
    • Items sold to the Merchant are now worth 50% of their purchase price.
    • Tweaked rarity rolling to expect a range of 150 rooms rather than 200 rooms.
  • Lightning: Now makes grenades explode.
  • Lightning Orb: Now hits its owner when attacking too close to a target.
  • Melee Weapons: Added attack animations. Improved hit detection.
  • Ranged Weapons: Bows and Zaerie buzzsaws now have a slight rotation delay when aiming.
  • Room Transitions: Transitions are now faster.
  • Shields: Increased base +Max Health from 5 to 10.
  • Stuns: Shortened default stun duration from 2 seconds to 1.8 seconds.
  • Traps:
    • Increased line-of-sight trap spawn chance from 17% to 18%.
    • Line-of-sight traps now have glowing eyes when they are ready to fire.
    • Pinwheel trap back-and-forth durations are now randomised.
    • Prevented certain traps from appearing in Room 1.
  • Weapon Rack: Most weapons now start locked. Unlock by playing the game.
  • Weapons:
    • Added base knockback to most weapons.
    • Slightly decreased extra damage that each item tier gives.
  • Zaeries:
    • Added a cap of how many Zaeries can spawn in each room.
    • Reduced buzzsaw hit radius.
    • Zaeries are now pushed back when receiving melee damage.
    • Zaeries no longer drop hearts.
    • Disabled Golden Zaeries for now.


  • Couch Co-op:
    • Added player names to each HUD.
    • Enhanced HUD colour styling.
    • Input devices can now be reassigned mid-game.
    • Inventory and Merchant menus now display the player’s name.
    • Player names can now be edited mid-game by going Esc> Options> Input.
    • The “Assign Devices” window now uses player names, colours, and character portraits when possible.
  • Creatures:
    • Certain characters have been given a new look.
    • Creature eyes now blink.
    • Enhanced walking animations.
    • Stunned creatures now tilt their necks.
  • Cutscenes: Added a cutscene system. Yes, they are skippable.
  • Debug Log:
    • Now bound to F2 by default.
    • Enhanced formatting.
    • Pressing Esc now closes the log.
    • Log's file path is now shown and clickable.
  • Explosions: Improved juiciness.
  • Flail Knights: Flails now break apart upon death.
  • Grenades: Improved juiciness.
  • High Scores & Achievements: Now grouped under Triumphs.
  • Input:
    • Keyboard key rebinding now supports Alt, Ctrl, and Shift modifiers.
    • Keyboard keys 1-9 now change weapons and menu tabs.
    • Keyboard and button bindings can now be reset.
    • Pressing the key or button for opening the Inventory menu now also closes the Inventory menu.
  • Options: Added options for auto-saving, controller vibration, decal limits, floating combat text, mouse cursor, particle densities, post-processing effects, and soot.
  • Notes: Added license and version acknowledgements.
  • Pause Menu: Added button glyphs when using a controller.
  • Physics: Doors now shake when objects collide.
  • Rich Presence:
    • Added a “Lamenting death” status.
    • Added privacy options to use rich presence or not. Enabled by default.
    • Enhanced various menu-related statuses.
  • Stunned Overlay: Added a timer line.
  • Stuns: Improved particle juiciness.
  • Treasure Chests: Enhanced sparkles.
  • UI:
    • Added new notification system.
    • Added a slight glow when selecting a menu item.
    • Added LB/RB icons beside tabs when using a controller.
    • Added sound effects to many UI events.
    • Character portraits now flash red when receiving damage.
    • Improved comparison indicators for showing if an item is new, better, or worse.
    • Improved how “Critical Error” messages are displayed.
    • Notes are now scrollable.
    • Revamped the “Play” category.
  • Weapons: Added mechanic descriptions.


  • Archers: Fixed bow rotations not resetting when resuming patrolling.
  • Blood:
    • Disabling blood in the options now works correctly. Purple smoke puffs and extra sparks now appear when blood is disabled.
    • Fixed decals not persisting correctly.
  • Controller:
    • Fixed Start button being able to be assigned to actions.
    • Fixed certain PlayStation controller glyphs missing.
  • Couch Co-op:
    • Fixed being able to attack while reviving a teammate.
    • Fixed being able to use Weapon Selector while reviving a teammate.
    • Fixed camera not working properly after using the Weapon Rack.
    • Fixed enemies not spawning enough souls.
    • Fixed fallen player bodies being animated.
    • Fixed HUDs being positioned incorrectly in 4-player games.
    • Fixed some controller issues.
    • Fixed treasure chest UI not showing.
    • Players can now use their Weapon Selector at the same time.
  • Deathstrike:
    • Fixed proc rolling on every hit rather than first hit.
    • Fixed being able to proc on player creatures.
  • Elemental Staff:
    • Fixed an issue that could prevent creature movement.
    • Fixed being able to pickup items while attacking.
    • Fixed projectiles not colliding with walls and spikes.
    • Fixed projectiles not hitting target if target was too close.
    • Fixed staff position looking dorky while being stunned.
    • Fixed staffs not resetting their attack state properly.
  • Enemies: Fixed eye glows not fading sometimes.
  • Flail:
    • Fixed Flails applying first-frame-swing damage erroneously.
    • Fixed Flails not consistently applying damage.
  • Giblets:
    • Fixed blood sometimes not spurting.
    • Fixed decapitated Elite heads being small.
    • Fixed dismembered body parts not applying their correct east or west scaling when loading a saved game.
  • Grenades: Fixed dust particles emitting incorrectly upon collision.
  • High Scores: Fixed character levels not being saved to high scores.
  • Input:
    • Fixed “Previous Item” and “Next Item” actions not always working.
    • Fixed being able to attack while drinking a potion.
    • Fixed being able to pickup items while drinking a potion.
    • Fixed being able to switch weapons while swinging a weapon or drinking a potion.
    • Fixed Flails always swinging after throwing a key.
    • Fixed issues when transitioning from menus back to gameplay.
    • Fixed issues with using Weapon Selector in front of interactable objects.
  • Katana:
    • Fixed being able to teleport behind locked doors.
    • Fixed certain creatures not using correct teleportation sprites.
    • Fixed positioning issues.
  • Melee Weapons: Fixed swoosh sprites persisting while stunned.
  • Merchant: Fixed Purchase buttons being enabled if player had insufficient gold.
  • Modifiers: Fixed projectile size modifiers not affecting lightning bolts.
  • Movement:
    • Fixed being able to hump a wall and not fall down.
    • Fixed getting stuck if your back was against a wall with your shield raised.
  • Physics:
    • Fixed being able to throw keys through walls.
    • Fixed creature grounded checks triggering when resuming the game.
    • Fixed keys and players getting stuck under waypoints.
  • Projectiles: Fixed hit detection issues.
  • Poison: Fixed poison ticks not dealing enough damage.
  • Poison Boomerang: Fixed incorrect particles being used.
  • Poison Bow: Fixed poison particles not dripping from arrows.
  • Saving: Fixed a savefile issue.
  • Title Screen: Fixed button sequence logic.
  • Treasure Chests: Fixed Elemental Staffs showing wrong element styles.
  • UI:
    • Fixed “Critical Health” text overlapping treasure chest UI.
    • Fixed alert box sounds not always playing.
    • Fixed button appearance in certain menus.
    • Fixed button glyphs not updating when switching between keyboard and controller input.
    • Fixed certain menu sounds not playing if game was paused.
    • Fixed Debug Log showing incorrect frame numbers.
    • Fixed Demon Statue UI not hiding upon player death.
    • Fixed debuff timers showing incorrect durations after loading a saved game.
    • Fixed flavour text not showing on items with Item Tier 2 or higher.
    • Fixed floating combat texts not clearing when returning to title screen.
    • Fixed font sizes sometimes being too small on chest UI pop-ups.
    • Fixed menu item text not being truncated if text was too long.
    • Fixed menus not remembering which tabs were selected.
    • Fixed Pause Menu not remembering which button you had chosen previously.
    • Fixed ranged markers overlapping stunned indicators.
    • Fixed red hit overlay persisting when returning to title.
    • Fixed treasure chest UI being positioned incorrectly at times.
    • Fixed various menu styles being outdated in places.
    • Fixed various UI elements not hiding in certain cases.
  • Weapon Selector: Fixed weapons being angled incorrectly after being selected.
  • Zaeries:
    • Fixed buzzsaws pointing south when spawning.
    • Fixed stunned indicators being positioned incorrectly.


  • Online Co-op:
    • Disabled for this version.
    • Will be re-enabled in a future version once bugs are fixed.
  • Windows: If Windows’ DPI scaling is greater than the default setting, certain buttons and tabs might not be clickable.
  • Sound Effects: Many sounds have not been added yet.
  • Potions:
    • Descriptions are missing on many potions.
    • Unique icons have not been added yet.
  • Blood: Splats on doors are not gelling properly.
  • Couch Co-op:
    • Camera moves too much when entire party dies.
    • Players are unable to walk through each other.
    • Player HUDs are not resetting properly when playing subsequent couch co-op games with a smaller number of players. Please restart the game if it’s an issue.
    • Player HUDs do not fit if screen resolution is too low.
  • Doors: “Find the key” messages do not specify which type of key to find.
  • Enemy AI: Creatures sometimes jump upwards without moving forward.
  • Intermissions: Unable to hurry the “The dungeon grows stronger…” message.
  • Inventory: Potion “Consume” button is not very helpful. Best to use the Quick Heal action without the inventory menu for now (default bindings: Q or Left Trigger).
  • Items: Names do not have rarity-based variations yet.
  • Journal: More work is needed, like being able to see which rewards you’ve received.
  • Pedestal Offerings & Curses:
    • Certain curses might throw an error
    • please submit an issue if this occurs.
    • Offerings are not being applied to all players during Couch Co-op.
    • Many curses have not been implemented yet.
  • Shields: Need more.
  • UI: Scrollbar clicking-and-dragging can be wonky at times.
  • Weapons: Certain weapons don’t have all element variations implemented yet.


  • Unity: Updated to 2019.2.1f1.
  • Unity Post Processing Effects:** Updated to 2.1.7.
  • InControl: Updated to 1.73.
  • Steamworks: Updated to 1.43.
  • Relay Server: Enabled runtime INI checking to allow server to enter a pending shutdown mode, prohibiting new client connections.
  • Dev Bar: Disabled for now.
  • Performance:** Improved.

Version 0.0.14 – 5 February, 2019

Gameplay changes:

  • The dungeon now grows stronger every 5 rooms.
  • Potions now have different names and different healing amounts.
  • Saved games from versions before v0.0.14 are no longer compatible.


  • Enhanced the initial loading screen.
  • Improved the UI for loading a saved game.
  • Added a "Refresh Games" button to the Play > Join tab.


  • Fixed Zaerie deaths not being juicy enough.
  • Fixed arrow projectile decals not sticking onto doors.
  • Fixed Bloats not triggering their explosive sequence fast enough.
  • Fixed PlayStation button glyphs appearing as Xbox glyphs.
  • Fixed inventory categories not being reset when using Quick Load.
  • Fixed title screen flames not fading out.
  • Fixed an error that could occur when drinking a potion while holding a key.
  • Sewers: Fixed grates and candles spawning behind objects.
  • Windows: Toggling XInput now works.
  • Linux: Fixed app icon being incorrect.
  • Online Co-op: Improved Zaerie movement and position syncing.
  • Online Co-op: Fixed an issue where room sequences were not being applied properly.
  • Online Co-op: Fixed Flail retractions not syncing.
  • Online Co-op: Fixed decals and giblets persisting erroneously between runs.
  • Online Co-op: Fixed certain world items not spawning.


  • Updated engine to Unity 2018.3.2f1.
  • Switched Unity's scripting runtime version from .NET 3.5 to .NET 4.x.
  • Updated InControl to v1.7.2.

Relay Server:

  • Output logs now use dated filenames for persistency.
  • Fixed a CPU hang.

Version 0.0.13a – 16 January, 2019

  • Fixed various issues with weapons failing to interact with the Hydra properly.

Version 0.0.13 – 15 January, 2019


  • Added enemies: Zaeries and Golden Zaeries.
    • Golden Zaeries spawn in Room 10 and further, and drop Skull Tokens which might be implemented later to unlock things.
  • Added a rough pass of a Hydra Lair room skin and boss placeholder.
  • Added buttons to the title screen.
  • Added a mini pause menu.
  • Added tabs to menus and inventory.
  • Added a rough pass of a Weapon Rack to the home room.

Fixes & Improvements:

  • Updated creature skins and giblets for Leapers, Flail Knights, Warriors, Spitters, and Ghouls.
  • Improved melee AI.
  • Using the Scythe now places a hunter's mark over its target enemy.
  • Fixed Scythe not dealing damage to allied creatures.
  • Fixed an issue where new saved games would not appear in the menus.
  • Fixed an issue where deleting saved games would not clear them from the menus.
  • Fixed Lightning Orbs granting its wielder damage immunity during casting.
  • Fixed Pinwheel traps not dealing appropriate damage numbers.
  • Fixed an issue where giblets and blood splats were not persisting between saves.
  • Fixed title screen looking too grainy.
  • Hopefully fixed an issue where a creature's Boomerang would sometimes disappear.
  • Decreased the stutter issue that would happen during game-saving.
  • Online Co-op: Improved player-revival syncing.
  • Linux: Fixed an issue where controllers could cause a crash.

Relay Server:

  • Added an optional command-line argument -ServerConfigIniPath to specify where to read its INI config file from.


  • Updated engine to Unity 2018.3.0f2.
  • Builds now use compression, resulting in smaller harddrive footprint.
  • Improved sprites to use Unity's SpriteAtlases more.

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