⚠️ WARNING: Potential spoilers below.

Version 0.3.6 – 8 September, 2022


  • Leaderboard score entries are now uploaded to the web server, and then submitted to their native platform afterwards (Steam, iOS, Google Play, etc).
  • Entries now contain extra debug info, including a copy of the saved game before death.
  • The server will retain the extra info for the best scores, in case investigation needs to be carried out later on.
  • If an entry fails to be submitted (due to network issues or other errors), the entry will remain within your account file. The game will attempt to upload again when available.
  • The server will reject entries from accounts that have received a ban.
  • Ruleset 0.3.6 is the new default ruleset. There are no gameplay changes from the previous Ruleset 0.3.1 – this is just for the sake of clarity with the new Leaderboard process.
Online Co-op:
  • The game now checks account status with and VAC upon startup.
  • For Steam, servers now check with VAC to ensure players are in good standing.
  • For iOS and Google Play, servers now check with to verify player receipt info.
  • Servers will reject connections from banned or unverified players.


  • Improved gamepad support with macOS 12.5.
  • Upgrading to macOS 12.5 is recommended, as 12.5 fixes many Bluetooth gamepad issues.
  • InControl Native is now the recommended controller API module again.
  • For Steam, before launching the game, adjusting Tallowmere 2's properties to force Steam Input as "Disabled" is also recommended.
Nintendo Switch Pro Controller:
  • Improved button glyphs.
  • Fixed an issue on macOS where the AB and XY buttons were backwards.


  • Signing into Game Center is no longer required to purchase or restore the "Core Supporter Pack".
  • Improved basic menu navigation when using a TV remote.
  • Improved handling when attempting to use a TV remote while in a dungeon. For now, a touchscreen, gamepad, or keyboard is required to play the game.
Inventory and Merchant menus:
  • Fixed a caching issue.
Bug reports:
  • Improved debug logging.
  • Removed cloud sync text from the Online Co-op category to avoid confusion.
  • Updated Unity In App Purchasing package from 4.1.4 to 4.4.1.
Game engine:
  • Updated Unity to 2021.3.9f1.

Tallowmere 2
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Tallowmere 2

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