⚠️ WARNING: Potential spoilers below.

Version 0.2.10 – 2 November, 2021


Health-per-tick calculations have been adjusted; regen amounts are now based on a creature's regular max health value.

The following factors no longer amplify health regen amounts:

  • Tanky Monsters room modifier
  • Elite health multiplier
  • Total number of players

In short, rooms with the Healthy Monsters modifier should feel more reasonable now.


Online Co-op
  • Deployed a new server in Mexico City, Mexico.
  • Fixed an error after a party had died in a corridor, where clients would ask the server to generate and load a new room rather than resetting to the home room.
  • Party deaths and room-generation messages are now more robust.
  • Structural changes have been made for upcoming Rulesets. Internally, v0.2 has been converted to a Ruleset with over 200 gameplay properties tweakable. Testing for v0.3 is underway.
Demon Statues
  • Fixed an issue where pending unique Mystery Rewards could be rolled more than once.
  • Canisters no longer drop. Canisters will drop again later when implemented fully.
  • Improved healthbar positions.
  • Fixed an issue where the "Souls Collected" value was incorrect.
Kangaroo Broth
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect flavour text.
Simplified Chinese
  • Updated publisher logo on intro sequence.
  • Updated game logo on pause menu.
Speedy Kitten
  • Fixed an issue where the kitten would not waddle.


The past 40 days has been a weird blur of mobile work, Nintendo Switch work, and editing many calculations and properties for converting the game into Rulesets. I'm saving the infamous Liquid Gold potion issue for version 0.3.

It's been 10 weeks of pandemic lockdown here in Auckland, New Zealand. Some days I take my laptop and code in my car in different places, just to get out of the house. I'm fully vaccinated, so not super fearful, but try to minimise going into grocery stores. Other days, just coding at home... Hoping to visit a cafe or library again in the coming weeks.

Fatigue and brain fog still dominate me with this psoriatic arthritis. I am most productive in the mornings after a night's sleep, but the afternoons usually require naps. If I do nap (usually 30 minutes), my immune system attacks my nerves, rendering me into a lethargic vegetable for about 6 hours afterwards, which isn't helpful. And by the time my nerves fix themselves, it's pretty much time for bed.

Or if I don't nap, I remain so tired that I'm not productive either. And not just for work; even the ability to relax and enjoy something is a mushed experience. Brain fog is like feeling spaced out, involuntarily drunk... can't think straight, can't concentrate, can't line up code nor thoughts properly. So I am forced to wait for the next day to resume doing anything significant. Many hours each day are lost to this 1% chance autoimmune disease.

My nervous system is getting weaker... Walking is slow, and using upper body strength saps my energy very quickly. Hands and fingers go numb and tingly a lot. I am having to pick and choose my battles when it comes to household chores.

Still, progress on the game continues a few hours every morning. Thank you for playing.

– Chris

Tallowmere 2
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