⚠️ WARNING: Potential spoilers below.

Version 0.2.3 – 22 January, 2021

This patch adds a couple language-related features, but is mainly focused on bug fixes.

There are still many features to be added. The list is large. Thank you for all the bug reports and requests. Working through things one at a time. Lots to do still.


  • Added Korean – translated by THE BALANCE.

    Tallowmere 2 – Korean
  • Deployed an online co-op server in South Korea.


  • Added IME (Input Method Editor) support. You should now be able to type in Simplified Chinese, Korean, and Japanese.

    Tallowmere 2 – IME support
  • If Windows’ IME is enabled, a globe icon will appear beside the input field in-game.
  • This works for online chatting, editing text in the menus, and using the in-game feedback form.
macOS & Linux:
  • Unfortunately, the current Unity engine has issues with IME support on macOS and Linux. I have submitted a bug report to Unity; let’s hope IME support is improved in a future Unity version.


  • Entering a corridor or waypoint now causes players to drop any key they are holding. This should resolve issues of not knowing where keys are taken.

    Tallowmere 2 – Keys amp; Waypoints
  • Keys are no longer affected by Magnetism for 0.6 seconds after being thrown. This allows keys to move away from the player.


  • Corridors affected by the Tilted room modifier now have extra force to ensure keys and treasure are obtainable.

    Tallowmere 2 – Tilted


  • Servers no longer process regular damage messages if a cutscene is playing.
  • Fixed rooms failing to load if one client happened to disconnect mid-load. Clients now reveal the room ~4 seconds later regardless if other clients are ready.
  • Fixed issue where player positions could be set incorrectly upon room load.
  • Fixed issue where a client could not perform certain actions after reconnecting.
  • Fixed error where kittens could receive fatal damage at the same time a cutscene could start.
  • Fixed various errors regarding doors, holding and throwing keys, treasure chest interactions, pedestal interactions, and damage constructors.
  • Improved handling of Demon Statue messages.
  • Improved server debug logging.


  • Fixed long right-panel titles overlapping text underneath. Text content is now wrapped and pushed appropriately.
  • Navigating menu items with keyboard keys no longer scrolls right-panel content.
  • Improved handling if maximum saved game limit is reached.



  • Scythe & Temperament: Projectile spawn point has been corrected.
  • Addressed issue with low-health warnings causing errors in rare cases.
  • Fixed core attributes sometimes failing to recalculate, and improved the recalculation process.
  • Fixed co-op revival triggers sometimes being activatable in single-player games.
  • Fixed buff and debuff labels not updating when changing language.
  • Fixed waypoint sounds emitting multiple times in the same frame in co-op.
  • Fixed issue where command-line launch arguments would be written to LocalSettings.ini.
  • Fixed error with creatures being slayed at the same time the game is paused.
  • Fixed error with weapon modifier UIs sometimes failing to update.
  • Fixed audio not fading out when exiting the game.
  • Fixed various errors regarding projectile collisions, weapon visibility, shield positioning, creature states, elemental spinner traps, game states, ranged weapons, and alterant calculations.
  • Improved null-reference checking against MonoBehaviours in many places.


  • Updated Unity to 2019.4.12f1.

Tallowmere 2
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