⚠️ WARNING: Potential spoilers below.

Version 0.2.8a – 27 August, 2021

This client update is compatible with 0.2.8 servers.


⚠️ Due to a restructure of how the game manages its options, all options and settings have been reset.

The following files have been deprecated, and are no longer used:

  • LocalSettings.ini
  • Options.t2

New files are now generated and used instead:

  • Options.Local.ini
  • Options.Synced.ini
  • Options.Player1.ini
  • Options.Player2.ini
  • Options.Player3.ini
  • Options.Player4.ini

Saved games, achievement progression, and command-line arguments remain intact.

Benefits from this refactor:
  • All options are now readable and editable in plaintext, rather than obscured in binary format.
  • Ensures only gameplay-related options are synced to the cloud; other options are stored locally.
  • Paves the way for the upcoming Keyboard Co-op mode.
  • Should be helpful with the upcoming Steam Input integration.


  • Apple Metal is now the default graphics API, rather than OpenGL.
  • Fixed an issue where the game would not start on Macs with the M1 Apple Silicon chip.
  • Fixed an issue during Couch Co-op when trying to manage a keyboard player's Weapon Shortcuts.
Online Co-op:
  • Fixed a disconnection error if a remote player interacted with a door or treasure chest while the local player was still loading.
  • Fixed an error that could occur after retrieving a saved game from a server.
  • Improved disconnection logging.
  • If Steam Cloud times out at startup, a prompt to quit the game and restart Steam is now displayed, rather than stalling.
  • Fixed an audio/frame stutter issue when unhooking from Steam when exiting the game.
Weapon Selector:
  • Fixed an index error with the Grid layout.
  • Improved handling if the Discord Rich Presence module failed to initialize.

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