⚠️ WARNING: Potential spoilers below.

Version 0.2.8 – 12 August, 2021


Upgraded LiteNetLib from (June 2018) to (May 2021).

This is a significant upgrade; LiteNetLib handles Tallowmere 2's save files and netcode.

Saved games from previous versions remain compatible.

Online Co-op improvements:
  • Improved processing speeds for both server and client.
  • Improved default MTU size.
  • Memory improvements.
  • Added more detailed disconnect messages.
  • Issues of timing out shortly after connecting to a server should now be fixed.


  • Fixed an issue where the game's internal WorldObjectPositionFixer did not factor in Tilted room angles.
  • Players, enemies, and small items should no longer get stuck out of bounds in Tilted rooms.


  • Servers now factor in Tilted room angles when saving game data.
  • When establishing a connection to a server, if the connection gets stuck after a few seconds, a Cancel button now appears.
  • Fixed an issue where UIs for the Demon Statue, Magic Mirror, and Weapon Rack would not clear if the player disconnected abruptly.
  • Fixed an error where treasure chests would attempt to receive data during room transitions.


  • Title Screen: Fixed an issue where ambient tracks could be played at maximum volume before volume settings were loaded.
  • Music: Fixed a rare error where a track could be missing.
  • Audio system: FMOD errors are now treated as warnings. If an FMOD issue occurs, a message is now displayed in the Audio tab for the session.


  • Added an Account tab.

    Tallowmere 2 – Account tab
  • Renamed the Notes section to About.
  • Scrolling certain menus using Left Stick or D-Pad is now possible.
  • Fixed an issue where UI buttons could retain their hovered glow state when not being hovered.
  • Fixed an issue where weapon and shield icons would sometimes persist when viewing other menu categories.


  • Items: Fixed a world issue where cosmetic glows would be positioned incorrectly on Axes, Elemental Staffs, Lightning Orbs, and Keys.
  • Blessings tab: Fixed an issue where contents were not scrollable.
  • Loadout tab: Fixed an issue where the panel would sometimes persist when switching tabs.
  • Poison: Fixed an issue where debuff labels, screen effects, and healthbar effects would persist between game loads.
  • Couch Co-op: Fixed an error with the Demon Statue UI if player name was too long.
  • Online Co-op: Fixed an issue where poison effects for the local player would incorrectly appear on networked player HUDs.


  • Updated InControl from 1.8.4 to 1.8.5.
  • Fixed an issue where Start and Select buttons would not work after reconnecting a controller.
  • Fixed an issue with PlayStation 5 controllers with Windows + Bluetooth + InControl Native.
  • Improved support for Linux.


  • Updated Unity from 2019.4.12f1 to 2020.3.9f1.
  • Updated Post Processing package from 2.3.0 to 3.1.1.
  • Suppressed various <RI.Hid> errors as warnings – Unity sometimes has issues interpreting peripheral devices.
  • Updated Steamworks to 1.51.


"Arrrrr," said the kitten.
Many preparations have been made for:
  • the upcoming Kitten Collect-a-thon mode, and
  • Cross-platform play with the upcoming mobile and console versions.

Tallowmere 2
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