⚠️ WARNING: Potential spoilers below.

Version 0.2.4 – 1 March, 2021


  • Added Spanish / Español – translated by Martín Martos.


Online game-saving has been added:

  • Parties can now exit an online game and resume it later.
  • Online games are saved on the selected server when a party enters Room 1.
  • Games are saved to the server's disk when the party reaches a new room.
  • Games are linked to players' Steam accounts.
  • Games are retained for 90 days.
  • Games are deleted from the server's disk when the party dies.
To resume an online game from a previous session:
  • One player should load the game by going "Online Co-op", "Load game", select the server that was previously used, then select the game.
  • Once loaded, the game will appear in the "Join game" category for the other player(s).


  • Tabs are now separated into Single-player, Couch Co-op, and Online Co-op.
  • Servers are now listed in a category instead of a context menu.
  • Servers are now sorted by ping.
  • The best-ping server is now selected by default.


As part of an ongoing investigation into rare Unity engine errors:
  • Unity's "Use incremental garbage collection" option has been disabled for now.
  • Many checks around Unity's MonoBehaviour classes have been added.

Prior to 0.2.4, incremental garbage collection was enabled. It keeps performance smooth, but I suspect it was accidentally removing non-garbage pointers in memory, causing errors regarding lists, arrays, and null references. This patch will help see if incremental garbage collection was the underlying issue.

Frame rate performance should still be adequate, but if not, please submit in-game feedback, post on the forums, or email me.


Couch Co-op:
  • Fixed error during game-over screen if a controller had disconnected.
File System:
  • Improved handling of disk errors when writing LocalSettings.ini.
  • Fixed a pause menu issue.
  • Fixed certain buttons not updating when player changed input type between keyboard and controller.
  • Fixed date and time formatting issues.
Online Co-op:
  • Improved messages regarding timeout issues.
  • Fixed player name text-wrapping issues on treasure chest items.
  • Fixed errors with rewards and shields.
  • Added option: Advanced> Delete Local Settings.
Quick Restart:
  • Fixed player spawn point position being incorrect.
Steam Leaderboards:
  • Fixed issue where only one entry would be submitted per session. Multiple entries are now submitted per session, rather than being stuck in a queue.
  • Fixed a rare error after an entry finished submitting.
  • Addressed rare errors with the weapon selector and item pop-ups.

Tallowmere 2
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