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Last reviewed: 4 December, 2020

As of Tallowmere 2 – v0.2.0:

  • The game's developer (Chris McFarland) is committed to keeping data collected from the game as being anonymised and not personally identifiable.
  • In-game feedback and error report submissions are transmitted to the developer's web server via secure transmission (HTTPS).
  • Data collected is used to improve the game, and will not be sent elsewhere nor used for any other purpose.

In-game Feedback Submissions

An in-game Feedback form allows players to submit general feedback, ideas, suggestions, and bug reports from within the game.

When using the Feedback form:

  • Text entered into the textbox will be sent to the developer upon submission.
  • If the Debug Data checkbox is checked, additional Debug Data will be included with the submission as detailed below.

Statistic Sharing

As of version 0.2.0, a new option has been added called "Share Statistics".

Enabled by default, this option aims to help improve the game by automatically submitting anonymous Single-player and Couch Co-op gameplay statistics to the developer for, such as session length, highest room number reached, number of enemies slayed, character selection, weapon usage, and other dungeon-specific details.

If you prefer not to share gameplay statistics, please disable the option under Options > Advanced.

Aggregated statistics are planned to become visible on in the near future.

Online Gameplay Statistics

Additionally, as of version 0.2.0, when playing an Online Co-op game, Tallowmere 2's game servers may record anonymised gameplay statistics to help improve the game.

Aggregated statistics are planned to become visible on in the near future.

Automatic Error Reporting

A "Share Errors" option is enabled by default.

If enabled and the game encounters a critical error, the game may submit an anonymised error report to the developer, which will include Debug Data as detailed below.

The option can be toggled in-game via Options > Advanced.

Debug Data

If the game submits Debug Data to the developer, info may include:
  • Game data:
    • Client version
    • Saved games and dungeon details
    • Options and settings
    • Output logs
    • Achievement progress
    • High scores
    • Total deaths
  • Device data:
    • Platform (eg Steam, iOS, Android, etc)
    • Operating system version
    • CPU, RAM, and GPU details
    • Screen resolution
    • Names of connected controllers
    • Local time
    • Device name and model
    • Device unique identifier – generated by the Unity game engine's SystemInfo.deviceUniqueIdentifier

Tallowmere 2
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