⚠️ WARNING: Potential spoilers below.

Version 0.3.1 – 11 January, 2022


Due to the following change, a new Ruleset 0.3.1 has been created, along with a new Steam Leaderboard for 0.3.1.

  • Pedestals no longer spawn if all unique curses have been acquired.

Previously, once all curses had been acquired, pedestals would effectively grant free rewards without any curses attached, which was not intended.

Lady Tallowmere wishes you good luck on the new leaderboard.


  • Multishot now affects Lightning Orb and Storm Cloud.

    Tallowmere 2 – Lightning Orb + Multishot
  • Fixed an issue where Multishot was not affecting Boomerangs consistently if Multishot Chance was not 100%.


  • Items in the Buy tab now show [Purchased] or [Sold Out] after a transaction happens.
  • If an item is purchased or sold, the item stays in the Buy tab, but becomes faded.
  • Items sold from players that the Merchant did not previously have are added elegantly without disrupting the current cursor position.

    Tallowmere 2 – Merchant online UI
  • Identified and hopefully fixed an issue where extra keys could spawn client-side that were not able to be picked up.
  • Refactored how keys are managed internally.
  • Fixed an error that could occur when loading a room if a bad key had been spawned.
Game Over:
  • Scores for leaderboard submissions are now synced for all players in the party.
  • The randomly-chosen "You Have Died" message is now synced for all players.
Return to Tallowmere's Keep:

Any player can now initiate the "Return to Tallowmere's Keep" button action.

Upon one player initiating the action, all clients will start a 10-second countdown timer, with their buttons showing the countdown.

All clients will restart the game:

  • if all players press the button before the countdown ends, or
  • once the countdown reaches 0.

  • TCP is now used as a fallback connection type if UDP connections fail.
  • Servers now prevent new players from joining a game if the party died in the home room without starting the dungeon.
  • When reconnecting to a game, the reconnecting player now becomes the captain if the previous captain is offline.
  • Improved handling if a client disconnected during the game-over sequence, then reconnected.
  • Improved handling to ensure creatures die in their proper rooms.
  • Added checks to handle errors during corridor transitions.
  • Fixed an issue where Hold-to-attack would send too many attack commands after throwing a key.


  • Categories are now better at remembering what item you had selected previously, especially when browsing the Merchant or viewing your Inventory.
  • Added various sound effects.
  • Performance improvements.
Quick Swap:
  • Fixed an issue where you could not swap weapons if your equipped weapon was marked as junk.
Saved Games:
  • Improved compatibility for loading older save file versions.
  • Fixed an error when reading saved games if a file had been copied in the saved game directory – duplicate files are now skipped.
Steam Leaderboards:
  • Fixed an issue where the leaderboard category was not being refreshed after the game submitted a score.
  • Fixed an issue where player avatars were not updated after being downloaded.
  • Updated to version
  • Improved string serialization.
  • Fixed an error where deserialization could fail (when loading saved games or receiving netcode messages) if a string contained too many non-ASCII characters.
  • Added a system message when a kitten has been slain.
  • Added checks to handle errors when rescuing kittens.
  • Added checks to handle errors when reviving a player.
  • Fixed an error with the boomerang if its parent creature died while the boomerang was flying.
  • Fixed an issue where creature necks could remain angled incorrectly after a cutscene had ended.
  • Fixed an issue where ranged indicators were being sporadic if Multishot Chance was not 100%.
  • Handled an error with the Unity graphics engine.
  • Refactored modifier UI lists to be handled better internally.
  • Suppressed a controller-related error as a warning.

Tallowmere 2
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Tallowmere 2

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