Online Co-op game-saving

1 March, 2021


Online co-op game-saving has arrived. Changelog and details here.

My apologies this version took so long to get out the door. February has been a challenging month.

I underwent a liver biopsy at the end of January, which put me out of action for about a week... and then my immune system really didn't like my body being opened up, so there was an extra two weeks of pain and fatigue associated with the event, which slowed development work right down. I am still sore at times, but energy has been restored (mostly).

The online co-op saving feature alone took about 3 weeks to implement because of my health issues. Wasn't how I planned to spend most of February, but it's done and added now. I hope you'll find it useful.

Hot topics

Still on the horizon:

  • Various options to improve gameplay, such as auto-attacking and inventory management, are still planned for 0.2.x, as well as more bug fixes.
  • Number tweaking and gameplay balancing is still planned for 0.3.
  • Android and iOS versions are planned to be available once 0.3 is done. Just need to finalise the Google Play and iCloud integration. 2021 Q2 is probably more realistic at this point.
  • The first boss is planned for 0.4.
  • The Nintendo Switch version will likely come once 0.4 is done.


If submitting feedback in-game and you'd like a response (especially if it's a bug report), please remember to enter your email address.

Alternatively, please post on the forums, or email me directly.

I plan to add an in-game response system at some point, but for now, the in-game feedback system is a very one-way avenue.

A note on Steam Cloud saves

There have been various reports that single-player and couch co-op games are not being saved or updated between sessions.

For troubleshooting, I have created a FAQ post about Steam Cloud sync issues now.

Marching ahead

New Zealand has entered another Covid lockdown, which means game development with noisy kids at home... oh joy!

In any case, onwards with the development, one day at a time.

As always: thank you for playing, and thanks for your patience.

– Chris

Tallowmere 2
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