Hello, 2021

1 January, 2021

Happy new year.

On top of today's patch (version 0.2.2a), the Steam store page for Tallowmere 2 is now up-to-date with translations and screenshots for the following languages:
  • Finnish – translated by Tomi Turkki
  • French – translated by Christophe Braguy
  • German – translated by Bysttro, Icy, sePL80, and Spiffosi

Big thank you to the translators for their efforts thus far.

Additionally, Lady Tallowmere has summoned a new online co-op server in Helsinki, Finland today.

More fixes and feature requests are planned to be worked on throughout January. Larger game-design changes are scheduled for version 0.3. Stay tuned.

Tallowmere 2
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Tallowmere 2

  • Roguelike dungeon platformer
  • Work-in-progress

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