Nearing Early Access

8 November, 2020

Almost ready...

Been doing online co-op testing recently with Ubuntu 20.04, Windows 10, and macOS Big Sur.

My desk. Testing Tallowmere 2's online co-op.

My desk. Testing Tallowmere 2's online co-op.

Aiming for early December.

Still have some last-minute server-management stuff to finalise, but I think the big green Release as Early Access button in the Steamworks backend will get pushed next month. Will announce a proper date soon if there are no major hiccups in this final sprint of testing.

A few more Steam beta keys will go out in the next day or two, but that will be it before the launch.

Server documentation has been written. Deployment-generation forms are ready. Will be a gradual work-in-progress to add server features (let alone client features!), but have to start somewhere.

I, and region-specific publishers, will have official servers at the ready, but I'm also keen to see if any community servers will come about. All in good time.

Still need to contact and work with backers regarding the 😻Feline Faithful rewards, 🔑Quadruple Conundrums rewards, and the one big 💀Bastardly Boss Designer reward... So many things on my list to do!

At this point, stability is the priority – features and more fun stuff will be worked on again soon enough.


The changelog for v0.1.8 has also been posted.

– Chris

Bonus photo: Fairy lights!

Bonus photo: Fairy lights!

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