Development update

4 October, 2020

We have entered Q4 2020.

I believe things are still on track to open the dungeons up for sale by the end of the year for desktop, and possibly mobile.

The past month has largely been spent working on Android (Google Play) and iOS (Game Center) integration. I've also recently received a devkit from Nintendo for the upcoming Switch™ version. Cross-platform play is still scheduled.

It's been a lot of behind-the-scenes programming tasks in recent weeks that aren't overly exciting nor glamourous to show off, but must be done.

I still want to slip in a small overhaul of how stats on weapons and shields will work for v0.2.0, and add in a few more curses, but time will tell if it happens by the end of the year or not.

Pre-order incentives are still available on, though I will probably close them soon (within the next month) to lock things in to gear up for Early Access.

Thanks for testing the demo and sharing your feedback.

– Chris

Tallowmere 2
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Tallowmere 2

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