Tallowmere 2
Work in progress. Subject to change. More fun than you can shake a kitten at.
Tallowmere 2

Lady Tallowmere has begun expanding her empire.

Tallowmere 2 is an upcoming 2D dungeon platformer game, currently in its early stages, being developed by Chris McFarland in Auckland, New Zealand.

Delve Further

Hide your kittens. Tallowmere 2 is coming.

Lady Tallowmere has expanded her empire. Now in charge of a vast land, having found it hard to manage multiple dungeons all herself, Tallowmere has delegated some of her minions to help oversee things.

However, not all is well. A legendary myth has surfaced, claiming that any kittens encased in crystal for the duration of three blood moons will become ripe enough upon sacrifice to grant unimaginable health and power. On the back of this revelation, certain minions have turned greedy and stolen Tallowmere's precious kittens.

Unfortunately, due to a typo on the Overseer Agreements that were written, Lady Tallowmere is contractually bound to not interfere with her minions' affairs and must sit helplessly idle.

In the shadows, Tallowmere has tried hiring various miscreants under the table to retrieve her kittens, but none have succeeded, and the third moon is fast approaching.

There is a grave fear that if her beloved felines are removed from their crystals on the final night and slain, their sacrificers will become voraciously unstoppable and will overthrow Tallowmere's hold.

Can you prevent the impending kitten apocalypse and save Lady Tallowmere's land?

Tallowmere 2 game info:

  • Action RPG roguelite adventure platformer
  • Single-player
  • Network multiplayer
  • Local couch co-op
  • Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad, Android

Alpha access for Tallowmere 2 is planned to be available late 2016.  Full release date to be determined.