Tallowmere 2: Curse of the Kittens

Creatures & Items

Within Lady Tallowmere's dungeons, enemy creatures know how to use weapons, just like yourself.

When you begin your adventure, you'll get to choose which type of creature to control, and which weapon and class to start with.

Enemies generally make up pre-defined creature and weapon combinations, but you get to choose your own combinaion.

In any case, be prepared to raise your shield.


Used by Crescent Warriors – fearless zealots driven by the third moon.


Used by Archers – cute, deadly sharp-shooters.


Used by Fire Spitters – devious fire-casting witches.


Used by the mighty Bushido – great warriors that have mastered the art of teleportation.


Used by Conductors – goatlords raised from an experiment gone wrong.


Used by Leapers – hopping, long-eared monsters.

Stun Bomb

Used by Bandits – masked cowards practicing in the art of arcane concoctions.

More to come.

Tallowmere 2 © Chris McFarland 2019

Tallowmere 2

  • Roguelike platformer
  • Work-in-progress
  • Steam ETA: Mid 2019

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