Tallowmere 2
Work in progress. Subject to change. More fun than you can shake a kitten at.
Tallowmere 2

Lady Tallowmere has begun expanding her empire.

Tallowmere 2 is an upcoming 2D dungeon platformer game, currently in its early stages, being developed by Chris McFarland in Auckland, New Zealand.

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Sprites, clothing, and AI

14 January 2016  •  Chris McFarland
Been doing up a new base model to create my characters upon.


The height is the same as Tallowmere, but the build is slightly slimmer. Legs are just a touch taller. But hey, they move now :)

Characters shrink and stretch now. Legs are animated. Eyes blink. Weapons actually swing. Overall, this is a huge improvement from the original Tallowmere.

I'm undecided if arms will be a thing.

Base sprite resolution is also 2x larger, so I have more room to play with cool texturing.

I still love the pixel blocky look, but by adding textures I think I can make the game look a bit more appealing.


Now, what about adding a shirt? Or a skirt even!

Tada, the character is now female.

But wait! What about some pants?

This character could now pass as either gender.

The original Tallowmere only had your hero as male, and outfits were rather limited. I'll be adding a lot more outfits this time.

Shoulders, hair, and hat examples will come in a future post.


This time, I am coding all my creatures, both friend and enemy, to use the same functions behind-the-scenes. My original code for Tallowmere was kind of bad.

So I can now simply enable an AI module, and creatures use the same walking and jumping functions as your hero.

I'm also planning on letting enemies use actual weapons now (as well as still being able to cast their own spells).

I can easily see the ability to have AI of both factions fighting each other. :)

And yes, infinite mid-air jumping is still a thing.

And here's a corral of naked axe people to finish off this post.

‒ Chris