Tallowmere 2
Work in progress. Subject to change. More fun than you can shake a kitten at.
Tallowmere 2

Lady Tallowmere has begun expanding her empire.

Tallowmere 2 is an upcoming 2D dungeon platformer game, currently in its early stages, being developed by Chris McFarland in Auckland, New Zealand.

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Lady Tallowmere's new look

21 January 2016  •  Chris McFarland

Progressed with the modular sprite system today. Did up Lady Tallowmere. The skirt could use a little work but good enough for now. Also recently gave the green warrior chick some hair.

I'm not sure if you'll actually be able to play as Lady Tallowmere in part of the game or not, but the code is there. Maybe she could be an unlockable class?

The long-term plan is to let people add their own sprites to mod the game and give things a new look.

In the original Tallowmere, the hero had its own code base and sprite system, and each enemy had its own too. Things weren't shared very much. It was messy and made implementing creature-wide changes quite cumbersome. This time around however, the back-end is much more reusable!

‒ Chris